Alejandra Rubio is experiencing a bad moment of health after announcing the pregnancy of her first child together with Carlo Costanzia. Just one day after her last television appearance on ‘That’s Life’, The collaborator has tested positive for covidas Sandra Aladro revealed this Wednesday on ‘De Viernes’.

“First of all, I want to send a huge hug to Alejandra from here,” the journalist began by saying, before giving the last-minute information she had about Rubio: “Very few minutes ago Alejandra She just arrived home, she arrived very distressed, nervous and wearing a mask.“.

Aladro assured that Terelu Campos’ daughter asked the press reporters who were at her house “not to record her because she had covid”, adding that she was “very worried about her condition”: “She is scared, like a future mother would be in this situation… “But I want to send you a message of peace of mind, I have close cases with covid and nothing has happened.”

Throughout the day, after hearing this news, Terelu Campos went to Alejandra Rubio’s home to visit her, also bringing her a bag with food for her.

Accompanied by a friend, the communicator and collaborator of ‘D Corazón’ (TVE) admitted that her daughter is worried about her pregnancy after being infected with coronavirus: “Well yes, what are we going to do?“.