A A woman has been urgently transferred by SAMU to the Valencia Clinical Hospital after being hit by a car that invaded the terrace of a hospitality establishment in Alboraia. In addition, two other people, one of them minors, have also suffered minor injuries from the accident, as witnesses to the accident have indicated to Levante-EMV, from the Prensa Ibérica group, although according to the Alboraia Local Police, they also They have been transferred to the same hospital.

Apparently, a vehicle driven by a young man has lost control while driving in the vicinity of the Alboraia-Peris Aragó metro stop, in the aforementioned town of l’Horta Nord. After hitting several cars, it invaded the sidewalk and ran over the terrace of the Delicies store, which at that time did not have a large influx, according to the same witnesses. However, one of the establishment’s clients has suffered damage sufficiently serious to be transported by the SAMU to a medical center. The car has been destroyed after crashing into a lamppost.

As confirmed by the Alboraia Local Police, The driver has tested positive for alcohol and drugs.