The Court of Cantabria has condemned thirteen years in prison a man who repeatedly hit a woman, raped her after threatening her with a gun and made her your dog He raped her too.

The resolution, which can be appealed before the Superior Court of Justice of Cantabria, imposes on this man also eight years of probation after serving the prison sentence and compensation to the victim of 16,680 euros for injuries, moral damages and the consequences that remain, the aggravation of the mental disorders he suffered from.

As reported in a press release by the Superior Court of Justice of Cantabria, the Provincial Court considers that man the author of a crime of rape and another of injuries, with the mitigating factor of drug addiction.

The sentence indicates that the man met the woman at the club where she worked and that same day they went to his house, where the victim stayed for several days voluntarily.

Two days after they met, they consumed cocaine and, in the man's case, also alcohol and, “at a certain point, his behavior became a strong aggressiveness“.

Then he slapped the woman, grabbed her by the hair, dragged her to a room and “threatened to shoot her twice” by placing a gun on her. gun in the mouth.

Then, according to the sentence, he cut her face with a knife, He dragged her throughout the house grabbing her by the hair and, after raping her, he made his dog rape her.

The victim, who managed to flee the house when the man fell asleep, suffered injuries to several parts of his body for which he required medical treatment, in addition to psychiatric therapy.

In the search of the house of the accused, who admitted what happened, various objects that he used to hit her were located, such as a machete, an axe, a skewer, a revolver, a knife, a stick or a belt with a metal buckle.