A new program1%'arrives tonight Antenna 3 (10:45 p.m.). The format is the Spanish adaptation of 'The 1% club', a British format that has also reached other countries such as Holland, France, Germany and Australia. The objective of the contest is to belong to the 1% club: 100 contestants face the game and, to win, they must answer correctly a question that only 1% of the country would get right. The questions are not general knowledge, but have an important part of logic. Each contestant starts with a fixed amount of money. They will start with simpler questions that 90% of the population would get right. However, the game will get more complicated with each question. Whoever answers wrong is eliminated. At the end of the program, only one player will face the question that only 1% would get right. If he answers correctly, he takes the boat home.

Telecinco premieres tonight'The Marquis', his new series (10:50 p.m.). José Pastor, Víctor Clavijo, Juan Fernández, Paco Tous, Cinta Ramírez, Oscar de la Fuente, Lara Grube, Joaquín Núñez and Laura Baena Torres, among other actors, star in this fiction in which a brutal murder of five people occurred in the summer of 1975 on the Los Galindos de Paradas estate (Seville), a multiple crime already prescribed, which was filed without trial and which shocked Spanish society in the last days of Franco's rule, is its point of origin. The plot of the series develops in two timelines: one in 1977 when the young journalist Onofre (José Pastor) returns to his hometown to write an article about the event and finds a traumatized and divided society, conflicting families and a path that It will lead him to draw new conclusions and confront the other main protagonist of the series: the marquis, Don Rafael Pertierra y Medina (Víctor Clavijo); and another that goes back to 1975, to focus on the seven weeks that preceded the crime of Los Galindos and weave, paying attention to various theories and testimonies, an intrigue around the question 'How could that happen?'.

Carey Mulligan, protagonist in La 1

For its part, The 1 of TVE bets on a new pass of 'A promising young woman' (10:50 p.m.). Cassie had a bright future ahead of her until an unpleasant incident cut her career short. Now nothing in her life is what it seems: she is smart, bold and lives a double life at night. Cassie has a chance to make amends for everything that went wrong in her past…by getting revenge on those responsible.

Ana Pastor moderates the political debate on laSexta

The special one 'Face to face: Objective Europe'will occupy prime time the sixth this Wednesday (10:30 p.m.). Ana Pastor will moderate the special 'Face to face: Objective Europe', which will be attended by Teresa Ribera (PSOE) and Dolors Montserrat (PP). This special program will feature both leaders of the PSOE and PP candidates for the European Elections on June 9, who will debate various topics, including economic and social policy issues. In addition, the face to face between Ribera and Montserrat will also place special interest in geopolitical issues, especially those referring to the conflicts that are being experienced in Ukraine and Gaza, and will address the polarization of political life, both at the Spanish and European level. .

Four offers a new program of 'Another approach' (10:50 p.m.). When 20 years have passed since the withdrawal of the last Spanish soldier sent to the Iraq war, on May 21, 2004, Jon Sistiaga remembers the end of Spanish participation in the conflict that he himself covered as a reporter and in which he tragically died. his cameraman and great friend José Couso. The conflict left an indelible mark on many people and some of them will speak in the report: José Manuel Sánchez Riera, former agent of the National Intelligence Center, the only survivor of the ambush of eight CNI agents near Baghdad on November 29, 2003, which for the first time he tells of that traumatic experience with his face revealed; the journalists Carlos Hernández and Ángela Rodicio, who covered the conflict with Sistiaga, who remember with him the attack on the Palestine Hotel in which Couso died; and former soldiers Sergio Santiesteban and Hipólito Macías, representing the hundreds of soldiers who returned from there with post-traumatic stress disorder. Among other testimonies, the report also offers an in-depth interview with former president José Luis Rodríguez Zapatero in which he reveals previously unpublished reflections and points of view.