The notable absence of Dani Mateo from 'Zapeando' and 'El Intermedio' has its days numbered. Miki Nadal, the person in charge of leading laSexta's afternoon format these days, has set a date for the comedian's return.

“You were lucky to come, Tomorrow, I'll announce it from here, plan please… Dani Mateo returns to Zapeando“, announced the communicator Maño, causing loud applause from the public present on the set of the program produced by Globomedia ('El intermedia').

“We are waiting for you, if you come, I won't come and I can rest like that, it's very good for me,” commented Nadal in a comical tone. “Can you imagine that he comes unrecognizable, that he used this month to have surgery on his face?” Torito questioned after the announcement.

The truth is that Dani Mateo has been absent from laSexta for several weeks due to medical leave due to a traffic accident he suffered with his car. In fact, he himself went live on 'Zapeando' to explain what had happened to him: “If I'm here it's because I've had a small accident, a problem with the car. More like the car with me, I'm bad, but you should see how he turned out.”

“I'm annoyed because I had a small accident with the car. The airbag went off and I got a small crack in my sternum, which doesn't allow me to move,” he commented, not leaving humor aside: “I was in a hurry to see if he made it to the Villarobledo orgy. The moral of all this is that whenever you go to an orgy, plan it in advance.