Àngel Llàcer is part of the essence of 'Your face is familiar to me'. For this reason, when the actor was sick due to a bacteria that he incubated during his Vietnam vacation, the program has looked for multiple replacements for him, to which one more is now added: Iñigo Asiain.

Because Llàcer not only presides over the jury table, where he has already been replaced Silvia April, Jose Corbacho and Santiago Segura, but is also in charge of the acting classes that the contestants receive. While weeks ago it was Carlos Latre the person in charge of teaching these classes, the program has already found a new substitute until the Catalan rejoins the talent show.

Is about Inigo Asiainwho until now only worked behind the cameras as a vocal show for the famous people who participate in 'Your face is familiar to me'.

Natural of Pamplona, Asiain began studying dramatic art at the age of 18, in addition to training in vocal technique and singing. Thanks to this, she manages to work in shows like '101 Dalmatians' either 'We will Rock You'.

As if that were not enough, the Navarrese has done theatrical performances such as 'Hansel and Gretel' either 'The mocker of Seville' and has participated in series of the likes of 'The one that is coming' either 'Love in troubled times'.

Now he will have to combine his position as a vocal coach with that of an interpretation teacher, both in the Gestmusic format. But teaching is not something new for Asiain, since he has been a professor of interpretation at the prestigious school of Cristina Rota, and vocal technique in Voice Laboratory.