Yolanda Díaz takes another step towards the construction of Sumar and calls the founding assembly of the party for the next March 23. This Sunday, the Galician vice president starred in an event together with her ministers, Monica GarciaPablo Bustinduy, Sira Rego and Ernest Urtasun. The mere staging was a whole display of strength by Díazwhich this week faced its first major defeat in the legislature, with the fall of its decree on subsidies due to Podemos’ ‘no’.

Before the event, Díaz has gathered the “motor equipment” who will organize this assembly, which he has named “Sumar’s hundred“. The vice president has also thanked the officials of other political formations such as Más Madrid or the comuns, who will contribute to the organizational construction of the new party.

“To all the colleagues who come from different formations, I thank you and tell you that “Above our pasts, let us add our futures”, he has defended. “People are waiting for us and for this today we are launching the founding assembly of Sumar for next March 23,” continued Díaz, who described this Sunday’s event as “the most important” only ahead of the Matadero event. in July 2022.

Until now, Sumar was established as a party before the Ministry of the Interior solely to participate in the elections, but to date it lacks structures, organization or democratic mechanisms that support the decision-making of its leader, Yolanda Díaz. The founding assembly will lay the foundations for the new formationwith documents and clear operation, and will do so after the Galician elections and before the Basque elections, which are expected at the end of April.

Furthermore, this appointment will allow the candidacy for the European elections to be legitimized by the party and not a unilateral decision by Díaz. A movement not inconsiderable for this appointment, where they are measured directly against Podemos, which will present Irene Montero as a candidate.

Message to Podemos

Among those attending this Sunday’s event, there was a wide array of leaders from Más Madrid and En Comú Podem, in addition to some of the Podemos officials who recently left the party, such as Roberto Sotomayor, Jesús Santos, Carolina Alonso or Sergio García Torres. Santos, who was leader of Podemos in the Community of Madrid, is also part of Sumar’s so-called “motor team” to reach the party’s founding assembly.

The spokesperson for Más Madrid, Manuela Berguerot, was in charge of presenting the ministers and vindicated Sumar’s “useful policy” over other options, in a veiled message to Podemos. “Whoever puts himself in profile when it comes to improving the lives of workers, should make him look. “We are not here for our own interests, but to be useful.”

Yolanda Díaz has also once again referred to the unemployment subsidy brought down by Podemos, which she has defined as “that subsidy for those who have nothing.” “Well, those in favor of ‘no’ have prioritized interests that are unrelated to people’s lives,” she criticized, placing the party of Ione Belarra in this section.

The Galician leader has shown off the latest agreement reached with the unions this Friday to vindicate the usefulness of her project against the rest of the forces: “A useful policy is to raise the SMI by 5%. It is to have indefinite contracts. It is to defend the people “The rest do not contribute to democracy,” he criticized.


Díaz was followed by interventions from the rest of the ministers, starting with the Minister of Children, Sira Rego, which denounced the “genocide” of Gaza and the situation of minors. “Not so many children have died since World War II.”

The Minister of Social Rights, Pablo Bustinduy, called for mobilization. “This is not an hour of resignation,” she proclaimed. “In the face of a disordered world, we must be alternative, and that is done by building well-being, certainties and social justice. To live without anguish, without fear.”

In the turn of the Minister of Health, Monica Garcia, Podemos’s rejection of the new subsidies has also been very present. “There are those who want to go lower, leaving 700,000 people without subsidies,” he criticized. “There are those who are going less by questioning the social advances of the Government, and there are those who are going more by raising the SMI for millions of Spaniards,” he continued. “To those who try to intimidate us, we will tell them 1,134 times, out of the 1,134 euros minimum wage, that we are going to continue making things easier,” he continued.

The leader of Más Madrid also took the opportunity to vindicate the action of her ministry, congratulating herself that “There are many people” protected with masks in health centers, after making it mandatory. He also made fun of the limited powers of his department. “I don’t know if there are few skills, but there are many people who want there to be self-justification instead of having to go for a piece of paper when they can’t move,” she defended, again asking for three-day self-dismissals to alleviate the attention primary.

“These are not times for us to have a management legislature,” cried the Minister of Culture, Ernest Urtasun, which has called for more ideological and transformative policies. The leader has claimed Sumar as a “green force” after “so many years in Spanish politics” without an environmental party. “Do you think that the Council of Ministers would have approved the public transport bonus if it were not for Sumar?” He asked himself.

Urtasun has also drawn attention to the usefulness of the project: “Every time I can A small achievement will be achieved by the votes of Sumar, because from small achievements great transformations are achieved,” he maintained. “From kindness, beauty and loving oneself. “What I like most about Sumar is the enormous brotherhood, darling, and that has also contributed to Spanish politics.”