The intermediateIn its delivery on Tuesday, January 30, it included Junts’ vote against the amnesty law. Sandra Sabates was in charge of reporting the news, pointing out that its processing is temporarily paralyzed after receiving the ‘no’ from the independence party.

Immediately afterwards it gave way to a video with the reaction of Miguel Tellado, spokesperson for the PP in Congress: “The disgrace of the Government is at this moment irrecoverable. The PSOE “It has not been planted, they have planted it”. “The image is of insurmountable visual harshness,” she said.

Afterwards it was The great Wyoming who shared his feelings about what happened, partly agreeing with the party led by Alberto Núñez Feijóo: “It’s not that the PSOE has stood up, it’s that they have stood up to it. It’s normal that they are happy in the PP. They’ve given Sánchez a hard time!”

With the humorous tone that characterizes the program, the presenter referred to the President of the Government as an “amnesty payer.” “And they’ve done the trick on you!”Wyoming exclaimed: “What’s more, they told you: ‘I need my space and it’s called the Catalan Republic.'”

The program also featured Feijóo’s intervention, in which he stated that “the ideological shifts of the PSOE are comical and cosmic.” A few words that gave rise to another ironic comment from Wyoming: “First it was the dog Laika, and now the ‘sanxe dog’. I’m afraid this can only end badly. “Either Sánchez does not return from his trip, or worse, Nacho Cano dedicates a song to him.”