Carlos Navarro, better known under the nickname “El Yoyas” was arrested this morning, early in the morning, in l’Anoia, a mountain region of Barcelonaafter more than a year and a half on the run from Spanish justice. The fugitive had an arrest warrant for mistreatment that has finally been fulfilled. But, who is Carlos Navarro “El Yoyas”?

We met Navarro in 2001, when became part of the second edition of ‘Big Brother‘ on Telecinco. And although it only lasted 18 days inside the house of Guadalix de la Sierra, well He was expelled as a disciplinary measure for behaving violently with Fayna Bethencourt, That time was enough for him to win her over and start a relationship outside of the competition with her.

Upon his departure, Carlos was one of the most sought-after characters to collaborate on programs, and he stood out specifically as tertullian of ‘Martian Chronicles’where he was quite aggressive towards the guests, earning the nickname “Yoyas”, since He threatened them by stating that “I’m going to hit you with a yoya.”He also participated in several Atresmedia formats such as ‘La jaula’ or ‘Salvados’, as well as in Mediaset in spaces such as ‘Cazamariposas’ or ‘De buena ley’, ironically.

Although finally Carlos and Fayna’s couple ended up getting married and having several children, The woman finally ended up reporting him to the police for abuse and in leaked images of the trial you can hear the harsh statement she made before the judge, counting with hair and signs how the beatings of the man towards the woman occurred. This earned him a conviction, but since November 2022 he was on the run from justice, although granting interviews to various journalists at this time.