He Gazpacho It is without a doubt one of the star recipes of the summers. Whether at lunch or dinner time, tomato and vegetable soup is usually a hit in Spain. Very few dare to contradict how good gazpacho is. In fact, it is only allowed one rival at the table: tomato soup. Salmorejo.

But beyond praising this Spanish recipethe intention is to emphasize that There is life beyond gazpachowithout the need to break up with The recipe that drives everyone crazy.

Some food influencers are already preparing the gazpacho recipe that will be a hit this summer. It is called green gazpacho, a variation of the recipe that is perfect for ‘detox’ diets. Below we explain how to prepare it, according to the influencer’s instructions. Jaime Maurelo (@by_maure)who defines himself as a “gastronomic entertainer.”

This young chef from Madrid is dedicated to spreading easy and delicious recipes that any ordinary person can prepare. All of them are related to our gastronomic tradition. Among those that Jaime Maurelo has prepared is the green gazpacho which we present to you below.

How to prepare green gazpacho

The ingredients needed to make green gazpacho are Green tomato, avocado, onion, green pepper, cucumber, a clove of garlic, sherry vinegar, salt and oil. The quantities to use of each ingredient are to taste.

For example, those who like saltier or more acidic flavours should add more tomatoes than avocados to their gazpacho. Similarly, lovers of sweet recipes should add more avocados than tomatoes to their gazpacho.

The good thing about this recipe is that it can be adapted to all tastes. In addition, it can be made in a jiffy. Specifically in three minutes.

Once all the ingredients are gathered in a container, we can proceed to crush them with the blender. To obtain the desired texture or density, water and oil can be used.

When serving the green gazpacho, We can decorate it with oil and pieces of cucumber, chopped ham or caramelized onion..