The municipal group Hacemos Córdoba has issued a “critical” analysis of the municipal budgets proposed for the year 2024. The political party advances your vote “against” and expresses its concern about the “lack of dialogue and transparency” in the preparation of these budgets, highlighting the “absence of interaction with the different political groups.”

We do Córdoba highlights in a press release the “significant cuts” in essential areas such as Citizen participationwhere the budget item is reduced by 24%, Inclusion and Accessibility, with 10% less, Youth, with minus 12% or Sports with an 8% decrease compared to 2023.

Lack of investment in peripheral neighborhoods

This decrease in the budget of these delegations, according to Hacemos Córdoba, is combined the “lack of investment” in peripheral neighborhoodsin programs and projects that are in line with improving business areas, energy efficiency, equality, the right to housing or the lives of our elderly, for whom the budget item will be cut by 7%.

This budget, furthermore, “does not respond” to the need to address the lack of municipal personnelto the challenges of the different companies and autonomous organizations of the Córdoba City Council, such as the IMAE, Imdeco or the Botanical Garden, for which hardly any investment is contemplated and, that, when the greenhouses, signage and irrigation methods are “obsolete”

Likewise, this budget does not consider the periphery, evidenced by the “lack of investments in sports facilities, communications and street improvements, nor the implementation of comprehensive shock plans to address the needs of the most disadvantaged neighborhoods.”

Faced with these cuts and needs, Hacemos Córdoba stands out the increase in the “discretionary” allocation of agreements, with more than 6 million euros allocated to agreements to maintain its clientele network, as well as the 8.5% increase that the mayor proposes for his salary and that of the councilors, something that they reject and do not share.

Another notable topic is the “concern about the lack of concrete actions” with respect to the old Youth Pavilion, the old swimming pools of El Fontanar or preserving the summer cinemas, “essential” elements of the city’s cultural heritage. The absence of budget allocation “endangers” this tradition and its contribution to local heritage.

Finally, Hacemos Córdoba expresses its “solidarity with the Palestinian people and calls on the international community to urgently address the situation.” The formation urges the city council to “speak out and demand respect for international law, demonstrating its commitment to social justice.” and human rights.”