The possibility of having Rosalia for encourage young people to vote in the next European elections of the month of June worries Vox who has already shown himself against this initiative in the European Comission. It is not strange considering that the Catalan singer made her opinion clear about the Spanish far-right party with a tweet as clear as it was concise: “Fuck Vox”.

Jordi Buxadé, European deputy for Vox, He explained in a tweet on X, formerly Twitter, his position before the European Commission. “We have asked the Commission about this nonsense, who authorized it and how much it will cost us,” she says in reference to the participation of artists to encourage the youth vote. Vox’s question comes after on January 10 Margaritis Schinas, vice-president for the promotion of the European lifestyle of the European Commission, will ensure that They were looking for collaboration with artists like Taylor Swift to mobilize the youth vote.

The singer does not usually take a political position but has declared herself in favor of legal abortion and the LGTBI community. Taylor Swift also supports this group. For a long time she tried to separate her profession from politics but In the last North American elections Swift announced that she would give her vote to Joe Biden because she was convinced that her arrival at the White House would allow her to begin “the healing process” that her country so needed after Trump’s mandate.

We will see what happens and who will be the artists chosen to animate the next elections to the European Parliament next June. In 2019 there was already a considerable increase in the youth vote, according to data obtained in a post-election survey commissioned by the European Parliament. The participation of those under 25 years of age increased across the EU by 14 percentage points, to 42%, and that of voters aged 25 to 39 years, by 12 points, to 47%. Then the percentage of citizens who went to vote was 50.6%, the highest recorded since 1994. Spain, with 61%, is one of the countries in which participation increased the most (17 points), along with Poland, Romania, Austria, Hungary and Germany. Participation also rose in Slovakia and the Czech Republic, where it is traditionally very low. And it fell in eight Member States, although by less than 3 percentage points. Voting is mandatory in five EU countries – Belgium, Bulgaria, Luxembourg, Cyprus and Greece.

Either way, The European Parliament wants young people to go to the polls next June. Whether they will do it spurred on by artists like Rosalía, Taylor Swift or other stars, we will see. What is clear is that Abascal’s party is not in tune with this proposal.