Although the signing of Genoveva Casanova for ‘El Desafío’ – reappearing in style in the most unexpected way 4 months after her images with Federico from Denmark – has eclipsed everything else, the Mexican is not the only name that is has confirmed for the next edition of the Antena 3 talent-show, which will begin recording in the coming days.

And to the surprise of locals and strangers due to the ‘animosity’ that he has always shown on cameras, Victoria Federica takes a step forward, and after establishing herself as one of the top influencers in our country and following in the footsteps of colleagues like María Pombo or Laura Escanes, she will also become a contestant on ‘El Desafío’ alongside Cayetano Martínez’s ex. Irujo.

However, and as ‘Vanitatis’ has revealed exclusively, The negotiation was not easy and the niece of King Felipe VI imposed two conditions to participate in the contest with which, it is undeniable, he has shielded himself to the maximum before his debut on television.

First of all, in your contract it would appear that He is not going to talk about any member of his family, so let’s not expect him to reveal details of his relationship with his grandfather King Juan Carlos, with his cousin Princess Leonor or with his aunt Queen Letizia, to give just a few examples, because he is not going to do it, making it clear that He does not want the fact of belonging to the King’s family to influence his time on ‘El Desafío’.

The other condition has to do with herself, since she would have imposed not wearing clothes in which she does not feel comfortable. “You don’t see yourself with transparencies or tight clothing to do the tests” Someone from his surroundings has slipped onto the portal, suggesting that in addition to his family he also wants to take care of and protect his own image, linked until now with luxury brands.

The family reaction

As for how his family has taken this leap to popularity with his participation in one of the most watched programs on television, ‘Vanitatis’ assures that both Infanta Elena and Jaime de Marichalar have welcomed his decision. daughter taking into account that it is a ‘white’ and familiar format.

Along the same lines would be King Juan Carlos and Queen Sofía, who, like Infanta Sofía, is a great follower of ‘The Challenge’ and surely enjoys seeing Victoria striving to give her best in tests as tough as the apnea, in addition to demonstrating that the image that has been given of her on many occasions due to her confrontations with the press does not correspond to reality.