The end of the year 2023 is coming and it’s time to take stock on general TV as well. And the audiovisual consultancy GECA has been in charge of this, which has prepared a report based on data from Kantar Media that includes the successes (understood as the program that exceeds the network’s average for the season by one or more points) and the failures (one point or more below). ‘A Barbara Life’ and ‘I Don’t Know What You’re Talking About’ They are the spaces that have taken the cake among the 90 programs that have premiered until November 30.

After the docuseries about Bárbara Rey on Antena 3, with 1,434,000 viewers, and Mercedes Milá’s interview program on La 1 on TVE, which reached 1,153,000, the Atresmedia network has also achieved success ‘Joaquín, the penultimate one and I’m leaving’ and ‘Wounds’. They follow them ‘4 stars’ (TVE’s La 1), ‘100 years Disney’ (Four) and ‘The promise’ (TVE’s La 1). The most watched on Telecinco has been ‘Bosé’ and The sixth ‘English, story of an escape’.

Likewise, they are La 1 of TVE and Telecinco are the channels with the most news have presented in this year, with a total of 23 La1; 10, The 2; 11, Antenna 3; 14, Four; 19, Telecinco, and 3, La Sexta. On all channels there is a greater number of formats released within the entertainment macrogenre, except on Antena 3 where Fiction is the macrogenre with the most new releases broadcast.

Successes and failures

On the other hand, in terms of the global, there has been a 6.7% successful while 67.8% are one point or more below the average of the chain. The remaining 25.6% of the news are between one point below and one point above the channel average. The network that has been most successful with its proposals has been Cuatro, as it has achieved 14.3% success, followed by Telecinco, 10.5% and La 2, 10%. They are followed by La 1 at a distance, with 4.3%.

In addition, entertainment It is the macrogenre that has the greatest number of premieres with a total of 58 news in the year, although only 5.2% of them manage to exceed the average for their chain by more than one point. In Fiction 30 spaces have been released premiered on general channels that have represented a 6.7% success rate. In the field of sports they reach 50%.