The Kremlin declared an arrest alert and immediate search for Volodymyr Zelensky

Two Ukrainian security agents detained for plot to assassinate Zelensky

According to reports from kyiv, the subjects detained for the plot are part of the Russian State Security Service, FSB.

On Tuesday afternoon, two Ukrainian security agents were detained for their alleged participation in a plot to assassinate that country's president, Volodimir Zelensky. According to the Security Service of Ukraine, SBU, The attempt was frustrated and was directed at the president and other high-ranking officials.

Likewise, the SBU highlighted that these agents They were part of a network of agents of the Russian state security service, FSB. According to reports, these individuals would have been looking for executors within the security force of the President Zelensky to kidnap and murder him.

The arrests occur in parallel with the process in which the president of Russia, Vladimir Putin sworn in for his fifth term Within the framework of elections that are presumed, no type of opposition was allowed and they would have been manipulated.

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