Two recordings held by El Periódico de España, from the Prensa Ibérica group, confirm the veracity of the annotations of the retired commissioner Jose Manuel Villarejowho have convinced the judge Manuel García Castellón to cite as investigated to the Secretary of State for Security of the Ministry of the Interior of the PP Francisco Martínez and the then Deputy Director of Operations (DAO) of the Police Eugenio Pino in separate piece number 36 of Tándem in which the pressures against the former lawyer of 2013 and 2014 are investigated. Luis Barcenasformer judge Javier Gómez de Liaño.

This case seeks to determine, as specified by the Criminal Chamber of the National Court, yes “people linked to the People’s Party“they ordered some” services aimed at obtaining relative information (to the former treasurer of the PP) Luis Barcenasaccused in a criminal procedure, and his defense lawyer in that procedure, Javier Gómez de Liaño, that could be used to pressure both and prevent them from disseminating compromising data for that party.

In his last order, the instructor, endorsing the writing of the Anti-Corruption Prosecutor’s Office, highlights that in the summary “there are different notes in the diaries” of the retired commissioner that make “express reference to Javier Gómez de Liaño.” And what those manuscripts could reveal, the judge concludes, “actions carried out on it in relation to possible opaque payments received from (Russian-Georgian prisoner Zakhar) Kalashov“, while serving as Luis Bárcenas’ defense lawyer in the Gurtel case.

Francisco Martínez and Eugenio Pino

Francisco Martínez and Eugenio Pino would have been informed of these actions regarding Gómez de Liaño, the instructor’s order continues, which, like the Criminal Chamber of the National Court confers veracity to the annotations of Villarejo’s agendas.

This newspaper has been able to verify that these manuscripts allude to a conversation between Villarejo and the then number two of the Ministry of the Interior, Francisco Martínez, on August 22, 2014, in which The first informs his interlocutor of his maneuvers in relation to the investigation without judicial endorsement on Gómez de Liaño.

“From Switzerland, from Liaño, I’m going to look at it, to see if it’s true.Hasn’t Gago told you if (Chief Inspector José Ángel Fuentes) Gago got anything out of the visit? Have you not heard about the visit he paid to Kalashov?? And the other, Halit (Sahitaj), of whom you already have the recording, is the one who is hurt: I sent him a lawyer that I have, a satellite of mine, with whom he is speaking now, and he is the one who gave him the information, and I told him, send me the details of that Swiss account, and then we’ll talk. I think that Kalashov, as a person who knows something about Liaño’s accounts, at least it wouldn’t be bad if he had told you about that visit, right?” says Villarejo, who refers to the supposed visit that Fuentes Gago would have made. to Kalashov in prison; but also to his links with a lawyer who recently appeared at the National Court as a witness, and who assured that he knew nothing about the commissioner’s notes.

Halit Sahitaj

El Periódico de España published the content of three emails in which Villarejo gave instructions to the aforementioned lawyer to interact with the Kosovo Serb citizen Halit Sahitaj, who would have acted as an intermediary with Zakhar Kalashov, who at that time was imprisoned in Spain, and who had hired Gómez de Liaño in the past. This senior police officer He intended to obtain data on irregular payments from Kalashov to the former judge, who had defended him in a trial. And all in exchange for supposed prison benefits, as recorded in other recordings.

This witness denied in his statement before García Castellón that he had received instructions from Villarejo to contact Sahitaj and Kalashov. This is the reason why the legal defense of the PSOE has recently asked the instructor to claim the messages published by this editorial team, which are included in the summary of what is known as ‘Operation Prima’ against organized crime that was investigated in a court in Fuenlabrada (Madrid), and in which the now witness was arrested, whose statement in the National Court is in question.

The conversation between Villarejo and Martínez also provides veracity to other notes included by the judge in his order. Thus, on the sheet referring to March 28, 2014 you can read: “Micro to G. Liaño. Operation Kalashov.” On April 4, 2014, he noted “Kalas–Liaño,” and on April 23, 2014, he noted “visit Kalasov and Liañ theme”.

Sergio Ríos Esgueva

On August 4, 2014, he wrote “Sergi (in reference to the former Bárcenas driver Sergio Ríos Esgueva, who collaborated in the Kitchen in exchange for money from the reserved funds) says that Liaño receives money in Switzerland.” On August 21, one day before the recording in the hands of this newspaper, Villarejo writes again: “LB – Switzerland – Harif – Pago a Liaño – Gago visits”.

The second recording in the possession of this newspaper, from December 17, 2014, shows that Villarejo informed the deputy operational director (DAO) of the Police, Eugenio Pino, of his activities, without judicial endorsement, to try to investigate whether the lawyer of Bárcenas had received opaque money in Switzerland. He tells her that he had held a meeting with “a lawyer who was going to tell him things about Gómez de Liaño, about the money he was paid abroad“.

This Friday’s order from the judge, which is based on the investigation carried out by the agents of the Police Internal Affairs Unit, recalls that in relation to Pino also “has at least one note that would reveal at least his knowledge of some actions carried out on Javier Gómez de Liaño at the time when he was acting as defense lawyer for Luis Bárcenas Gutiérrez in the well-known Gurtel case. “On April 24, 2014 he scored “Monse – LB – Haker – Rafa – Liaño”.