There are just over 24 hours left until the first semi-final of the Benidorm Fest begins, in which eight artists -Angy Fernández, Lérica, Mantra, Miss Caffeina, Nebulossa, Noan, Quique Niza and Sofía Coll- will try to get a ticket to the final of the Saturday February 3rd. This morning, TVE has officially presented the spectacular stage which they will climb to try to captivate the public with their proposals.

In a visit that included those responsible for RTVE, the Generalitat Valenciana and the Benidorm City Councilpublic television has shown the decoration of the contest that, once again, will host the Palau d’Esports L’Illa de Benidorm.

The scenery and spaces for the technique and the public are distributed in several main areas: backstage (391.81 m2), main stage (580.28 m2), audience pit (680.39 m2), Green Room (475 m2) and press (657 m2), as detailed by TVE in a press release. The total space occupied in the pavilion between scenery, audience and technical space is 5,000 m2.

The main stage consists of a fixed screen in the center of the staging space supported by a large structural and decorative element in the form of a large self-illuminated elliptical arch. In the center of said arch is a mobile screen that can move transversally, to make way for a six-meter opening free of light for access to the mobile scenic elements that must enter and exit the backstage.

The stage is dominated by a large oval-shaped screen.

On the sides, two symmetrical structures in curved section that support a screen 7.5 meters wide by six meters high. On each shoulder of the stage there are exits for small stage elements and technical staff and artists. Along with these exits, two other screens with curved sections that dress the sides of the stage.

It is implanted in the ground a large circular screen protected by a transparent glass floor. Three self-illuminated LED arches are also embedded in its perimeter.

The stage covers an area of ​​580 square meters.

This is the Green Room

The other scenographic intervention has been done in the Green Room area, in the shape of a fan in plan with lateral access by stairs. Eight large circular rings with sofas and self-illuminated tables will house the artists’ rest area after their performances.

On both sides there are two symmetrical areas with a circular shape in planone for the jury – with space for eight people – and another for the presenters’ set.

The Green Room is located in front of the main stage.

The Green Room will have a very extensive self-illuminated banner with RGB LED that will dress the entire background. The rest of the space is organized for the implementation of the technical tower (where the lighting, sound and screen control technical staff are located), technical equipment (cameras, cranes, traveling tracks, sound, etc.) and access for the public and staff. technical.