Tom Lockyerthe visiting captain, fell unconscious in the 59th minute of the match Premier League this Saturday between Bournemouth and Luton Town cause of a “cardiac arrest in the field”responded to medical treatment on the field of play and was taken to hospital, where he is “stable”according to his club.

“Our medical staff have confirmed that the captain suffered cardiac arrest on the field, but was already responding when he was stretchered out. He received additional treatment inside the stadium, for which we once again thank the medical teams on both sides,” Luton Town announced.

The Luton defender suffered a similar episode in the final for promotion with Conventry last Mayfor which He underwent “heart surgery” and returned to competition in Juneas explained by the ‘Premier League’ in a note.

“Tom was taken to hospital, where we can assure his followers that he is stable and is currently he is undergoing more tests with his family next to his bed. “We would like to thank everyone for their support, concern and loving messages for Locks,” the club added this Saturday, two hours after what happened on the field and which caused the suspension in the 65th minute of the match, with the score at 1-1. marker.

On the brink of the hour mark, suddenly, near midfield, the 29-year-old defender He collapsed on his own, without any previous blowwithout any player by his side, when the game took place in another sector of the Vitality stadium field.

The players quickly arrived, amid warning signs, with no reaction from the footballer; his coach, Rob Edwards, even jumped onto the field at full speed.

The medical services came immediately to treat the footballerfainted face down, apparently already unconscious, among the gestures of concern from all his teammates, rivals and fans, among the silence in the stadium stands.

The concern was striking in some of the players, like his teammate Issa Kabore, with his hands on his face, before all of them headed to the sideline, towards their benches, amidst the tension of the moment, waiting for the result of Lockyer’s medical care.

In the 65th minute, the referee of the match, Simon Hooper, decreed that the players of both teams go to the locker room during the interruption of the clash at the Vitality stadium, initially temporary, although later it was a definitive suspension until another date.

Meanwhile, After more than a quarter of an hour of medical attention, Lockyer was removed from the field of play to the applause of the public to be taken directly to the hospital to undergo the relevant tests, once his health situation has stabilized.

“We thank Bournemouth and the medical staff of both teams for their immediate response, which was absolutely incredible,” Luton highlighted, as did Bournemouth: “We would like to thank all the medical staff for their quick well as everyone inside the stadium for their support and unity during a difficult time.”

Luton, likewise, regretted “to all the fans present that the players of both teams were not in a position to continue with the game after seeing their dear teammate and friend” fainted on the pitch, so they could not continue. with the development of the game under such “circumstances”.

We thank everyone for the wonderful applause and chanting of Locks’ name inside the stadium at such a difficult time“added Luton, whose players, like those of Bournemouth, took to the field once the suspension of the duel was known to thank both visiting and local fans for their support.

At 17:52 central European time, the ‘Premier League’ confirmed the suspension of the match “due to a medical incident involving a player.” “Our thoughts are with Tom Lockyer and all the players involved in today’s match,” he added.

“Now is the time for all our players, staff and supporters Come together as we always do and give our love and support to Tom and his family. Our thoughts are with him and with all of them,” Luton later expressed.