This is a “tattoo” made with the Cloudbreak reef

This is a “tattoo” made with the Cloudbreak reef

In life and in surfing, there are certain things that cannot be avoided, predestined manifestations that, if you live long enough or surf long enough, inevitably materialize at one time or another. Death and taxes, breaking a surfboard, success and failure, getting into the tube, sickness and health, getting injured… And If you surf reefs long enough, it’s inevitable that you’ll end up crashing into one.

This is what happened to young San Clemente surfer Max Beach while he was in Fiji surfing the famous Cloudbreak wave. “Was it like you thought it would be? No. Thank God I didn’t cut my face or my feet. I was very disappointed when it happened, but I was able to endure the pain and catch a couple of beautiful waves. This Tavarua tattoo is the biggest I’ve ever gotten and now that I’m feeling a little better, I’m excited to add it to the collection.”

Red spots decorated Beach’s back, as you can see in the video above. There are no pictures of the fall, but from the looks of the result, it must have been shocking. And judging by the waves he shows on his Instagram profile… he sure is.

To treat these wounds They say squeezing lime juice is a common tactic, as are other antiseptic ointments. On her day we already saw the Spanish Lucía Martiño use it with similar injuries generated, in her case, on a surf trip through the Mentawai. The bad thing about this tactic is that it stings. The Asturian woman even put a handkerchief in her mouth to endure the pain.

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