If you are tired of delicious Cordoba food – we would be surprised – and you are interested in learning about other cuisines, the japanese It can be a very good option for your next dinner out. If you want to know which are the best restaurants to eat sushi in Córdoba, keep reading until the end.

Of the various rankings gastronomic that order and classify the extensive culinary offer of the city, the travel website Tripadvisor lists 10 Japanese food establishments located in Córdoba.

This page rates restaurants based on customer reviews and ratings, and even awards a distinction called Traveller’s choicewhich is awarded “to anyone who receives a large number of excellent opinions and comments from the Tripadvisor community over a period of 12 months,” as indicated on their own website.

Below, we show you the five best restaurants to taste sushi in the capital of Cordoba.

The five best sushi restaurants in Cordoba

These are, according to the order proposed by Tripadvisorthe best places to eat sushi in Córdoba.Itadakimasu! -I receive this food, in Japanese-:

Sibuya Urban Sushi Bar

Located at number 37 on Gran Capitán Avenue, Sibuya Urban Sushi Bar is ranked number one on Tripadvisor. 3,216 reviews and an average rating of five out of five support this position.

The heterogeneity of the menu, with great variety of sushi pieces, such as gunkan, uramaki, nigiri or sashimi; tartars made with different fish; many drinks, among which the traditional sake Japanese, or typical desserts of the country such as mochis or mangetsu, delights those who come to this place.

Comments made by customers of Sibuya Urban Sushi Bar, such as “the new concept of sushi bar” or “not just sushi”, clarify the nature of this restaurant: “a New concept sushi, much more daring and original”, which has a menu “with different touches to a traditional Japanese”, as stated on the restaurant’s website.

Uramaki 'lokura roll', one of the dishes on the menu at Sibuya Urban Sushi Bar.
Uramaki 'lokura roll', one of the dishes on the menu at Sibuya Urban Sushi Bar.

Bamboo Restaurant

Very close to the Vistalegre Municipal Sports Palace, on Doctor Manuel Ruiz Maya Street, is the restaurant Bambooawarded with the prize Traveller’s choice 2023 from Tripadvisor.

“Bambú is a family business that was born out of a love for Japanese culture, especially its gastronomy,” the owners of this restaurant state on their website. That love is evident reading the comments of those who visit this establishment, who describe it as “spectacular”, with “excellent service” and whose menu recommends dishes such as the cheek bao or the salmon uramaki gyozas.

The price range is slightly lower than the restaurant located first in the list. rankingbut this is certainly just an incentive to go and enjoy a good variety of sushi.

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In third place on the Tripadvisor list and also with the distinction of Traveler’s choice 2023, is located Onakasitea Japanese food restaurant located in the shopping center Soukon José María Martorell street.

Its wide number of options on the menu and the abundance and quality of its dishes delight its customers, who have managed to place it in the podium of the sushi restaurants in Córdoba.

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Tokyo Restaurant

In front of one of the sides of the Hotel Córdoba Center, on Manuel Cuéllar Ramos Street, is located Tokyo, “the first Japanese restaurant” from Córdoba,” they state on their website.

This establishment offers authentic Japanese food combining “quality and good service.” With a lot of variety and spectacular “quality-price”, the Tokyo restaurant is one of the favorites of sushi lovers in Córdoba.

In addition, it has a great appeal that distinguishes it from the competition, since the chef makes a juggling show while preparing food on a griddle of more than two meterswhich gives the food “a very different result than that cooked in a wok.”

Sushi boat from Tokyo restaurant.

Maneki Neko Sushi Bar

In last position of ranking of sushi restaurants prepared by Tripadvisor Maneki Neko Sushi Baron José María Martorell street, although this is outside the Zoco shopping center, unlike Onakasita.

This restaurant, opened in Córdoba since 2014offers its customers a “very fast service” with a “very friendly staff”. Among the restaurant’s own recommendations are dishes such as California tobiko, tuna temaki or tempura futomaki.

Assorted nigiris from Maneki Neko Sushi Bar.

As for food, tastes are almost infiniteand sushi contemplates a whole universe of possibilities that, for the moment, have not found limits. Thus, we hope that this list of the most The five best sushi restaurants in Cordoba help you discover this attractive cuisine so different from the Mediterranean.