The fried They are always a safe option to eat when you don’t feel like anything in particular. Also, if there is a possibility, it is better to eat them out of homesince the appearance of the kitchen is usually quite affected by the process of frying any food.

You can dip everything from breaded fillets to eggs, potatoes, squid, onions… or even eggplants. And this food, considered fruit from a botanical point of view and vegetable from a culinary point of view, allows you to eat healthy by giving a little ‘life’ to the kitchen using a good oil.

So, if you fancy eating this delicious dish made with Cordoba styleWe present you five restaurants to satisfy your desire to eat some good fried food for a while.

Of the different gastronomic websites that guide those who do not know the best restaurants in their area, Tripadvisor filters them according to their location. In this way, and focusing the search on fried eggplantsthe website offers 29 results.

Below we show you the Top 5 Hotels According to Tripadvisor where to taste this popular dish in Córdoba, which local gastronomy has made one of its flagships.

The best fried eggplants in Cordoba

These are, in the order proposed by Tripadvisor, The best restaurants to eat fried eggplants in the city:

Mosque Wineries

Mosque Wineries has four restaurants in the Jewish quarterand is at the top of the list of best establishments to eat fried eggplant in Córdoba. In addition, its four restaurants occupy the first four places in the list rankingwhich indicates that it is the preferred choice for customers regardless of which one they go to.

Caliphal aubergines battered with a reduction of Pedro Ximénez sweet wine and sesame seeds. This is the name given at Bodegas Mezquita to their aubergines, which are served as a tapa, half portion or full portion.

The Tripadvisor users They talk about them as “highly recommended”, “very tasty” or “spectacular”. And this dish, one of the classics from Bodegas Mezquita, delights anyone who tries it.

Caliphal aubergines battered with a reduction of sweet Pedro Ximénez wine and sesame seeds, one of the classic dishes from Bodegas Mezquita.

Pedro Ximenez House

The Pedro Ximénez House Tavern-Restaurantlocated at number 10 of the Deanes Streetin the heart of the Jewish quarter, offers its customers an unparalleled gastronomic experience with views of the Mosque-Cathedral of Córdoba – from its rooftop – which, without a doubt, liven up the evening.

Their Aubergines with honey They dominate the comments of Tripadvisor users, who classify them as “excellent” or “unbeatable.”

In addition, this establishment is the right one for those who wish to pair eggplants with best winesdistinguishing according to harvest, classifications and prices.

Terrace of the Pedro Ximénez House, in an archive image.

Roman courtyard

The restaurant Roman courtyardlocated in front of the Pedro Ximénez House, occupies the third place of this ranking.

Their Caliphal eggplants with Honey River Village They are one of the most popular dishes among those who visit this establishment.

“Excellent”, “delicious” or “exquisite” are some of the words that can be found on Tripadvisor about this dish that, without a doubt, is one of the main attractive from the restaurant.

Caliphal eggplants with honey from Villa del Río.

Carmen’s Corner

A few meters from the previous ones, in the Romero Streetit’s found Carmen’s Corneran establishment that offers Mediterranean food in a welcoming environment and traditional Cordoban.

Caliphal eggplants with sugar cane honey and toasted sesame make the difference in this restaurant, receiving comments from its customers such as “spectacular” or “really delicious.”


At number 10 on Ronda de Isasa street you will find Amaltheaa Mediterranean food restaurant with a avant-garde touch and a very colorful interior.

At Amaltea, their star way of presenting eggplants is in a salad which is established as one of the most chosen options by the restaurant’s visitors. “It’s luxurious” or “very tasty” are some of the comments dedicated to this original salad on Tripadvisor.

Raquel Pascual, chef and owner of Amaltea, in an archive image.

Without a doubt, the fried eggplants They are a real pleasure for the senses, whether you serve them with or without honeyin the form of a stick or sliced, on a round or square plate or on a wooden board.