They are already 63 roads affected by snowof which six are from the main network and 57 from the secondary networkaccording to sources from the General Directorate of Traffic (DGT).

Late on Friday night, the nearly 400 vehicles trapped by the storm on the N-122 national highway as it passes through Soria, between the ports of Madero and Omeñaca, between Soria capital and Ágreda, resumed their march after clearing themselves. the roadway by road maintenance machinery.

The Military Emergency Unit of Zaragoza has mobilized troops tonight to collaborate with the emergency services deployed in the province of Soria in the rescue work of around 600 drivers who had been trapped in their vehicles as a result of the intense snowfall. .

Traffic prohibits the transit of trucks and articulated vehicles on the A-1 in El Vellón (Madrid); on the A-2 in Calatorao (Zaragoza) and on the A-23 in Teruel capital and Monreal del Campo. In the same situation they are in Soria the A-15 and the A-2 in Medinaceli, and the A-11 in Golmayo; in Segovia on the A-1 in Santo Tomé del Puerto, in Ávila capital on the A-50 and in Guadalajara the A-2 in Trijueque.

The UME rescues drivers in Soria

The Military Emergency Unit (UME) stationed in Zaragoza has mobilized to rescue and help some six hundred drivers in half a thousand vehicles stuck by snow on various roads in the province of Soriawhere temperatures of up to -15 degrees are expected this weekend.

The UME has moved to reinforce emergency services on the section of the road N-122 that connects the capital of Soria with Ágreda, a municipality bordering the province of Saragossabetween kilometers 115 and 148, sources from the Government Delegation in Castilla y León have reported.

The snow causes problems in public transport and forces some bus lines to be diverted in Zaragoza

Some 160 trucks have been bagged in parking lots in the province of Burgos next to the A-1 (Northern Highway), as a preventive measure due to the snow that has interrupted traffic between the Segovian districts of Boceguillas and Honrubia de la Cuesta, in the same way.

The weather conditions They have forced to bag 120 trucks in the winter parking lot of the A-1 in Aranda de Duero and another 40 in Lermaaccording to the information provided by the Government Subdelegation in Burgos.

In addition, the storm has left long lines of trucks and cars stranded this afternoon on the A-66, between Guijuelo and Béjar (Salamanca), an area that is under a yellow warning.

The snow leaves incidents on the roads of Zaragoza and Soria

Pedro Sánchez asks for caution

The president of the Government, Pedro Sánchez has launched a message on the social network X appealing for caution. “Let’s be very careful and follow the recommendations of the @DGTes,” says.

Sánchez also assures that emergency services, such as Civil Protection, “are working to guarantee everyone’s safety.”

The DGT asks drivers to leave the left lane clear to facilitate the passage of snow plows and emergency services.