Investigators from the Central Operational Unit (UCO) of the Civil Guard traveled to the Region to arrest a businessmanResident in Murcia, allegedly linked to the plot of Ábalos’ advisor. The businessman was located and detained at his home (located in a district of the Murcia municipality) and transferred to the offices of the Armed Institute in the Region and is in freedom with charges.

The aim is to clarify whether he allegedly participated in the plot orchestrated by the advisor of the one who was minister with Pedro Sánchez, José Luis Ábalos. The former minister has distanced himself from the network and claims that he knew nothing.

For the purchase of masks

The alleged leader of the alleged organization and former Ábalos’ escort and advisor in the Ministry of Transport, Koldo García Izaguirre, is also free after refusing to testify this Thursday before the judge of the National Court Ismael Moreno who intended to question him about the alleged collection of commissions on the purchase of masks.

The so-called ‘Delorme’ operation arises from a complaint filed with the Anti-Corruption Prosecutor’s Office by Alfonso Serranodeputy and spokesperson for the Popular Party in the Madrid Assembly in 2022. The popular party claimed to have detected irregularities in a dozen emergency contracts related to the purchase of medical supplies during the coronavirus pandemic that paralyzed the country.

The crimes being pursued in the open investigation are bribery, influence peddling, money laundering and criminal organization. Ismael Moreno investigates the alleged bribes that García Aguirre would have received from the company Soluciones de Gestión y Apoyo a Empresas SL during the time he served as an advisor to the Ministry. This firm, which in the midst of the pandemic had a debt with the Treasury of 269,000 euros for the Corporate Tax for the years 2012, 2013 and 2014, received contracts for more than 50 million euros. Management and Support Solutions for Businesses SL went from billing zero euros the year before the pandemic to 53.1 million in 2020 and its corporate purpose has nothing to do with healthcare supplies.

The Murcian involved, allegedly, would have received funds from Soluciones de Gestión y Apoyo a Empresas SL that were “channeled” through the company Deluxe Fortune SL by the family of the president of the Zamora Football Club. His name comes to light because, presumably, he would have appeared in wiretaps carried out, with judicial authorization, within the framework of the investigations..

A warehouse of 20,000 square meters

As for the businessman arrested in Murcia, he is the owner of a warehouse in which confiscated assets are kept to criminals, indicate sources close to the case. Among these belongings there are luxury cars, trucks, motorcycles, counterfeit products and even boats. These are objects that were intervened in different operations at the time, which remain in custody in these Community facilities.

It keeps them, in collaboration with the Administration, until they leave to auctionin a facility of 20,000 square meters located in an industrial estate close to the capital of the Region, where there are assets that, as a whole, add up millions of euros.

Gliders in the warehouse.  The majority come from drug trafficking.

A drug incinerator

Sources close to the case pointed out that this businessman had at the time shown his interest in taking over a company. future drug incinerator, in the Region that is not yet operational. To start this installation, you would need permits from Administrations that, supposedly, he would try to obtain through his contacts with the Ministry.

In the operation, which is still open, around twenty people have been captured and 26 searches have been made in total in MurciaMadrid, León, Basque Country, Valencian Community, Aragon and Extremadura.

He said he was broke

In 2015, this man jumped into the media to report that the Administration owed him seven million euros for his work at the warehouse: specificallythree million from the Junta de Andalucía and four from the Generalitat Valenciana. He said then that it was difficult to keep the business afloat 30,000 euros per month between payrolls, maintenance and security. However, he moved forward.

Former minister José Luis Ábalos has declared himself “stunned” and “very disappointed” by the arrest of his advisor Koldo García Izaguirre for alleged collection of commissions on contracts during the covid-19 pandemic, and in any case he has defended his management by in front of the Ministry of Transportation.

In the corridors of Congress, when asked about the arrest of his former collaborator in the Ministry, Ábalos stated that he had no more information and in any case he has acknowledged feeling “stunned” with his former collaborator, with whom he says he has lost relationship with the passing. of the years. The PSOE has not acted against Koldo García as he is not affiliated with the party, but has suspended his wife from membership, who is also involved in the operation. The suspension of Koldo García’s wife from militancy took place on the same Wednesday, when information about his arrest emerged.

The Minister of the Presidency, Justice and Relations with the Courts, Félix Bolaños, declared this Thursday: “If the law has to fall on whoever it has to fall, let it fall.”

The president of the Region, Fernando López Mirashas defended the presumption of García Izaguirre’s innocence, although he believes that if the Civil Guard has proceeded to arrest him it is because “there is more than obvious evidence.” “This is very serious. “That someone who was daily in the car with the number two of the PSOE and minister was dedicated to collecting commissions is a scandal.”stated the president of the Community.