Today in Utreraa day is expected with mostly cloudy skies. During the morning and afternoon, high and covered clouds will predominate, resulting in a gray and dim sky. However, as the afternoon progresses, the clouds will begin to dissipate and give way to clear skies.

As for temperatures, they are expected to be cool during the morning, with values ​​around 9-10 degrees. As the day progresses, temperatures will increase, reaching 20 degrees during the afternoon. However, during the night, temperatures will drop again, reaching 11 degrees.

Relative humidity will be high during the morning, reaching values ​​close to 90%. As the day progresses, humidity will gradually decrease, reaching values ​​around 50% during the afternoon. During the night, humidity will increase again, reaching values ​​close to 90%.

As for the wind, the south direction will predominate during the morning and afternoon, with speeds between 6 and 10 km/h. During the afternoon, the wind will change direction to the west, increasing its speed to 15-30 km/h. During the night, the wind will again blow from the south, with speeds between 9 and 11 km/h.

No precipitation is expected for this day, so you can enjoy a dry day in Utrera.

In summary, today Utrera a mostly cloudy day is expected during the morning and afternoon, with cool temperatures in the morning and warm during the afternoon. Relative humidity will be high during the morning and evening, while the wind will blow from the south during the morning and afternoon, and from the west during the afternoon. No precipitation is expected.

Information prepared using, among others, that obtained from the State Meteorological Agency. © AEMET. Data update date: 2024-02-05T22:41:08.