Today in Ubeda, a clear day with some high clouds is expected. The maximum temperature will reach 20 degrees during the afternoon, while the minimum will be 7 degrees during the early morning. The thermal sensation will be similar to the real temperature, so significant changes in the perception of time are not expected.

During the morning, the sky will be clear, which will allow you to enjoy pleasant weather. The temperature will be around 8 degrees, so it is recommended to bring a light jacket to protect yourself from the morning chill. The wind will blow from the southeast with a speed of 12 km/h, providing a light breeze.

As the day progresses, high clouds will begin to appear in the sky, although they are not expected to significantly affect the weather. The temperature will increase, reaching 20 degrees during the afternoon. The wind will continue to blow from the southeast at a speed of 10 km/h, providing a pleasant sensation of freshness.

At night, the sky will be mostly clear, allowing for stargazing. The temperature will drop to 12 degrees, so it is recommended to bring a light jacket or coat to stay comfortable. The wind will decrease its intensity to 4 km/h, providing a feeling of calm.

Regarding the probability of precipitation, no rain is expected throughout the day. Relative humidity will range between 22% and 67%, indicating a dry but not excessively humid environment.

In summary, today in Ubeda It will be characterized by clear weather with some high clouds. Temperatures will be pleasant, with a maximum of 20 degrees and a minimum of 7 degrees. No rain is expected and the wind will blow gently from the southeast. Enjoy a sunny day in Ubeda!

Information prepared using, among others, that obtained from the State Meteorological Agency. © AEMET. Data update date: 2024-01-27T22:41:10.