Today in Montilla, a clear and sunny day is expected. According to meteorological data, the sky will be clear throughout the day, with no clouds present. The maximum temperature will reach 15 degrees during the afternoon, while the minimum will be 4 degrees during the early morning.

The thermal sensation will be similar to the real temperature, with a slight variation throughout the day. During the morning and afternoon, the wind chill will be 7 degrees, while at night it will drop to 5 degrees. It is recommended to wear warm clothing to protect yourself from the cold.

Relative humidity will remain at moderate levels, with an average of 65%. This means that the environment will be slightly humid, but no precipitation is expected. There will be no chance of rain all day, so it will not be necessary to bring an umbrella.

As for the wind, the northeast direction will predominate with a speed of 18 km/h during the early morning. Throughout the day, wind speed will decrease, reaching 8 km/h during the afternoon. The wind is expected to be light and not cause discomfort.

The day will begin with sunrise at 08:30 and end with sunset at 18:04. This means that there will be approximately 9 hours and 34 minutes of sunlight, making for a bright and pleasant day.

In summary, the weather forecast for Montilla Today is a clear and sunny day, with maximum temperatures of 15 degrees and minimum temperatures of 4 degrees. No precipitation is expected and the wind will be light. It is recommended to wear warm clothes due to the wind chill of 7 degrees. Enjoy a sunny day in Montilla.

Information prepared using, among others, that obtained from the State Meteorological Agency. © AEMET. Data update date: 2023-12-22T22:43:58