Today in The Viso del Alcor, a mostly clear day is expected. According to weather data, skies will be clear for most of the day, with some high clouds that could appear in the afternoon. The maximum temperature will reach 20 degrees, while the minimum will be 8 degrees.

During the early morning and early morning hours, the sky will be clear, allowing the sun to shine brightly. However, mist and fog are expected in the early morning hours, which could affect visibility in the area. As the day progresses, the haze will dissipate and give way to clear skies.

As for precipitation, no rain is expected today. The data indicate that the probability of precipitation is 0% in all periods of the day. Therefore, residents of The Viso del Alcor They can enjoy a dry day without rain.

As for the wind, it is expected to blow mainly from the north and northeast, with speeds ranging between 2 and 10 km/h. No strong gusts of wind are expected during the day.

As for the thermal sensation, it will be similar to the real temperature. The thermal sensation will be between 8 and 20 degrees, which indicates that there will not be a big difference between the real temperature and the perceived one.

Regarding relative humidity, it is expected to be high during the early morning and morning hours, with values ​​ranging between 88% and 100%. As the day progresses, the relative humidity will decrease, reaching values ​​of around 50% in the afternoon.

In summary, today The Viso del Alcor A mostly clear day is expected, with some high clouds in the afternoon. No rain is expected and temperatures will range between 8 and 20 degrees. Relative humidity will be high during the early morning and morning hours, but will decrease in the afternoon. No strong gusts of wind are expected.

Information prepared using, among others, that obtained from the State Meteorological Agency. © AEMET. Data update date: 2024-01-27T22:41:10.