Today in Goat, the weather will be clear throughout the day. According to the data provided, the sky will remain clear from midnight to midnight the next day. The temperature will range between 8 and 16 degrees, with a slightly lower wind chill due to the breeze. The relative humidity will be around 50%, indicating dry weather.

No precipitation is expected throughout the day, since precipitation values ​​are 0 mm in all periods. Furthermore, the probability of precipitation is also low, with values ​​of 0 in all periods.

As for the wind, it is expected to blow mainly from the northeast and east, with speeds ranging between 1 and 11 km/h. Maximum wind gusts will reach 16 km/h in some periods.

The day will begin with a temperature of 9 degrees and a wind chill of 7 degrees. As the day progresses, the temperature will gradually increase, peaking at 16 degrees around 3pm. From that moment on, the temperature will begin to drop slowly.

The sun will rise at 08:28 and set at 18:04, meaning there will be approximately 9 hours and 36 minutes of sunlight during the day.

In summary, a clear and dry day is expected in Goat for the date 2023-12-23. Temperatures will be cool, ranging between 8 and 16 degrees. No precipitation is expected and the wind will be light, blowing mainly from the northeast and east. Enjoy a sunny day in Goat.

Information prepared using, among others, that obtained from the State Meteorological Agency. © AEMET. Data update date: 2023-12-22T22:43:58