The United States and Australia, the countries that have the highest meat consumption

The United States and Australia, the countries that have the highest meat consumption

The Feeding Habits They vary depending on the region of the planet in which you are located, whether due to cultural, political, religious or traditional issues. However, some are ahead.

According to figures from the Our World in data website, The United States and Australia are the territories where meat consumption occurs most worldwide. This is because the population, on average, eats more than 120 kilograms of this animal tissue per person.

In addition, countries such as Mongolia, Argentina, Spain and Serbia, although they are not like the consumption that occurs in the US or Australia, generally, The citizens of these territories eat more than 100 kilograms of meat per person.

Africa and southern Asia, on the other hand, have lower consumption figures, because, according to the study, It is not very easy to access this protein-rich product due to cultural factors.

For example, the ancestral territory of India was actually the fourth-lowest meat-consuming country in the survey, behind Burundi, the Democratic Republic of the Congo and Bangladesh, where people on average consume 10 to 20 kilograms of meat.

There are several reasons as the economic and supply struggles in the conflict regions are also visible on the study map, since countries like Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan and Yemen consume very little meat. This also applies to North Korea.

Global alert

Nature studies in 2018 have revealed that Western countries would have to reduce their meat consumption by 90% to limit climate change to acceptable levels. To ensure nutritional needs continue to be met with reduced meat production, the survey recommends increasing consumption of beans and other legumes to create a climate-friendly protein supply.

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