A total of 172 workers related to the tourism sector have received 100% subsidized training in a foreign language thanks to the program Prolinguatur, which is developed within the framework of a specific agreement between the City Council of Córdoba and the University of Cordoba. The results of this first edition have been presented by the vice-rector for Postgraduate Studies and Teaching Innovation, Julieta Mérida García; the president of Imtur, Isabel Albás Vives; and the director of the Córdoba City World Chair, Professor Eulalio Fernández Sánchez.

The vice-rector for Postgraduate Studies and Teaching Innovation has highlighted that this program responds to “our obligation to look at our environment and respond to the training needs that professionals demand of us.” Isabel Albás, for her part, has indicated that Prolinguatur aims for excellence in tourist service, because in addition “It is time to train ourselves professionally for when the tourists return.” Eulalio Fernández, responsible for the project, has highlighted the high degree of satisfaction of the participants, as well as the professional work of the UCOidiomas teaching staff.

Prolinguatur consists of two training lines: a generalist in instrumental language skills in English from level A1 to B2, which has been taught both in person and online and in which 119 students have participated; and another specific one in the acquisition of linguistic skills adapted to tourism, which is structured into a basic, intermediate and advanced level, and which has had the participation of 53 students. The most popular courses have been instrumental English level B2, with 44 students, followed by instrumental English B1 with 38 students.

By professional sectors27% of the students belong to the security forces, followed by heritage interpreters and guides, with 26%; transport sector (bus and taxi), with 18% of students; hostelry, 10%, travel agencies, 8%, other groups included in the agreement, 7%; and commerce, 4%.

All students have been registered in the University of Córdoba user system in order to access the Moodle platform. 35% of the classes have been face-to-face, 55% in non-face-to-face mode – synchronous online, and 10% in asynchronous online format. After the conclusion of the training period, the participants gave a score of 4.8 out of 5 in the degree of satisfaction with the teaching staff.

The Prolinguatur program is an initiative of the Córdoba City World Chair and is intended for both public service employees (Aucorsa, police, or taxis) who are in interaction with tourists, as well as professionals in the sector who want to train or strengthen their skills. linguistics applied to tourism (hospitality and restaurants, guides and interpreters, travel agencies, commerce, transportation, museum and interpretation center staff, and surveillance and security services). In addition to language skills training, the Ucoidiomas translation service has translated into 25 languages, including the co-official languages ​​of Spain, An institutional greeting from Imtur to foreign visitors. Eulalio Fernández has explained that in a second edition of the program this greeting will be used in different languages ​​so that tourism institutions and companies that want to give a personalized welcome, in their own language, to visitors.