The Galicians already live with their eyes fixed on February 18, the day when they are called to the polls to choose who will be in charge of the Presidency of the Xunta. With the countdown on their clocks, political groups must now begin to prepare for a campaign that, without a doubt, it will be intense. Tuesday, December 26, will be the day on which the call for the community elections is published in the Official Gazette of Galicia (DOG). From there, as established by the electoral law, there will be 54 days left until the elections; through the middle, a calendar with several dates to mark.

Those who decide to attend in coalition They are the ones who should hurry the mostsince they have up to January 5, the eve of Three Kings Day, to communicate his decision. Before the Electoral Board they must record the name of the coalition, the rules by which it is governed and the persons holding the leadership.

The alternative left to the PSdeG and the BNG is the one that has to hurry the most in these first days. And there is still the unknown as to whether Podemos and Esquerda Unida will join Sumar to form a triple alliance in the community, something that seems increasingly unlikely, after the breakup of the purple formation and the one led by Díaz in Madrid.

The Candidates may be submitted until January 15 and it will be two days later when these are validated and, subsequently, made public. The proclamation of the candidates It will take a little longer to wait, since the date set for this purpose is January 22less than a month before the elections.

For now, they are three political formations who already have a candidate. These will be the first elections for the current president of the Xunta, Alfonso Rueda, as candidate of the Popular Party, thus taking over from his predecessor, Alberto Núñez Feijóo. Thus, in the BNG, Ana Ponton She repeats for the third time as a candidate in elections in which they have the challenge of improving results that were historic for the party in the 2020 elections, which placed them as leaders of the opposition. For their part, the socialists face the challenge with José Ramón Gómez Besteiro at the head, after his return to politics just a few months ago.

The campaign will start the two of February and from there it will be when they take out their greatest weapons with the purpose of reaching the Xunta. A period that will coincide with one of the most popular celebrations in the community, the Entroido, which, without a doubt, will take center stage in the calendars of the candidates and those who make up their lists to choose the deputies of the Galician Chamber.

Two hectic weeks until day of reflection, Saturday the 17th. The electoral colleges will open their doors on Sunday and, from there, with the decision made by the citizens, another process will begin that will end with the constitution of the Parliament of Galicia that will work in the XII legislature.

The dates of the vote by mail

In the general elections of July 23, from which Pedro Sánchez was once again proclaimed President of the Government, voting by mail played a leading role, breaking the records recorded until now. In these elections, Correos will begin to send the required documentation to applicants for this type of vote on January 29 and it will be ten days later, on the February 8, until when it can be requested. The “Poll boxes” for voting by mail will close on February 12, six days before the big election day. There, predictably, thousands of Galicians will have already chosen who, for them, is the best candidate to lead the Executive of the Xunta de Galicia.