The fiction 'Alpha males', produced by Contubernio, the company of brothers Alberto and Laura Caballero, has become a success for Netflix. In the latest Netflix audience report There were 5.1 million views and more than 30 million hours of reproductions.. And this success is transformed into results.

The series starring Gorka Otxoa, Fernando Gil, Fele Martínez and Raúl Tejón Not only has it been renewed for a third seasonwhich is currently in the filming phase, but will also have adaptations in different parts of the world.

It was Netflix itself who confirmed this week, through its social networks, who had started filming 'Maschi Veri', the Italian version of the comedy, which would feature Maurizio Lastrico, Matteo Martari, Francesco Montanari and Pietro Sermonti in its cast. Its creator, Alberto Caballero, responded to this tweet launched by the streaming platform, informing that this would not be the only international version of the fictional project: There will also be one in France, which has already completed filming its first season.

Let us remember that the plot of 'Alpha Males' revolves around a group of four 40-year-old men who see how their male privileges have disappeared due to the changes that society is undergoing, and because of this, they are forced to adapt to new times. Because comedy is a very local genreeach adaptation will have plots related to their national topics, taking them to their own terrain.