The sandboxa series promoted by the ColaCao Foundation that seeks sensitize, make bullying in adolescents visible and open the door to social dialoguecan now be seen in full on Atresplayer for free.

The series takes an x-ray of the same situation of violence from six different points of view, one per episode. Through an innovative format and with impact among young audiences, this fiction narrates a case of bullying that allows you to see the different roles involved in a process of this type (victims, harassers, witnesses…) A complex puzzle that leaves a space of hope between each of those involved, reminding us that We can all do something against bullying.

The sandbox It focuses on Carlos, a teenager with apparent social “success” who plays soccer in the youth ranks of Rayo Vallecano. Everything seems to be going well in his life, but he fails at a crucial moment in the final of a match. From that moment on, the storm is revealed and it becomes clear that family expectations put excessive pressure on him, and that, in high school, some expected his weakness to vomit all their envy on his classmate.

In this way, Carlos begins to isolate himself and suffer a bullying increasingly unbearable. The appearance of Irene, a girl who also plays soccer, will be a big turn of events and will help Carlos get out of the harassment situation that he suffers.

The series narrates a case of bullying that allows us to see the different roles of victims, harassers, witnesses...

In its commitment to the fight for the prevention of bullying, This production has been promoted by the ColaCao Foundation, the Higher Sports Council and the Young Sports Foundationwithin the framework of the ‘2030 Plan to Support Grassroots Sports’. “The sandbox can help change attitudes, which is the objective we have as an entity: to have a social impact and move towards a society free of bullying,” says Xavi Pons, member of the Board of Trustees of the ColaCao Foundation and CEO of Idilia Foods.

The series has been created by Victor Pedreira, Núria Gago and Pedro Rodríguez Pérez, directed by Daniel Romero and produced by Buendía Estudios and MKTG Spain, with the collaboration of the NACE Association (No to School Bullying) in content consultancy.

Adrià Salazar, Álex Mola, Carla Domínguez, Pablo Riguero, Miguel Fernández and Pooky Jongen lead a young cast that also includes Núria Gago, Leticia Dolera, Jordi Aguilar, Rocío Muñoz-Cobo and Teresa Rabal, among others.

Dissemination, education and research: three axes of social action to combat bullying

The ColaCao Foundation is a non-profit organization that has the objective of Raise awareness in society against bullying. Since its creation at the end of 2021, it has worked in the field of dissemination, education and researchestablishing itself as speaker of vindication and social awarenessto break the silence that surrounds the problem and encouraging cases to be reported in time, one of the great barriers when facing and treating the problem. bullying.

Among its most relevant initiatives are the free school project “We are Unique”which has educated almost 150,000 students against bullying in the last academic year, and Educating against bullying, an audiovisual content platform in which tools are provided to families to educate their children in the prevention of this scourge.

Last year he released the documentary “We are Unique: the faces of bullying”, available on Movistar and hosted by journalist Helena Resano, with the participation of high-level athletes such as Carolina Marín, Ray Zapata and Susana Rodríguez, who recount how sport helped them overcome bullying processes in their childhood or adolescence.

The series “The sandbox can help change attitudes towards bullying”

This November, the ColaCao Foundation has also presented, together with the Complutense University of Madrid, the ‘I Study on bullying and cyberbullying in Spain in childhood and adolescence‘. Is about the most complete investigation on bullying and cyberbullying that has occurred to date in Spainwith a sample of almost 21,000 students from the 17 autonomous communities, which reflects that from 4th grade of primary school to 4th grade of secondary school there are 6.2% of students who recognize themselves as victims of bullying.

From the study, shocking data have been extracted such as that almost two children per classroom suffer bullying in Spain, and that there is one bully for every two classrooms: in absolute values, almost 220,000 victims and 74,000 bullies.

Furthermore, a fact that has been reflected in the research and that is directly related to The sandboxthe thing is the relationship of bullying and suicide is very alarming: In the case of bullying, 20.4% of the victims and 16.8% of the bullies declare that they have tried to take their own life at some point. In the case of cyberbullying, this figure is 21.1% of victims and 24.9% of harassers.