The boys and girls of Cordoba count the days until their Majesties of the East, Melchior Caspar and Balthazar, arrive in Córdoba loaded with their gifts. Waiting for the big Parade of the Three Wise Men of Córdobabefore the little ones have a date with the Royal Walletwhich is in charge of collecting the letters from children and adults for the Three Wise Men.

In Córdoba, this year, the person responsible for such a task is Sara Carrillo, a resident of the Las Palmeras neighborhood, and with a brilliant academic record. The young woman has expressed gratitude for having been chosen and she has acknowledged that her task fills her with pride. “It is a privilege to collect the enthusiasm of children and adults”, has added. “It is important that the efforts of people from disadvantaged neighborhoods be valued and it is important to give visibility to stories like mine from humble neighborhoods,” she said.

The Royal Wallet collects the children's letters in an archive image

Day and time of the Royal Portfolio in Córdoba

The delegation of the Royal Portfolio will tour the streets of Córdoba this Wednesday January 3. The parade will start from Capitulars, in front of Córdoba City Hall, at 5:30 p.m. Previously, at 5:00 p.m., and in the same place, the traditional chocolate with churros will be held.

Before leaving, Mayor José María Bellido will present the city’s charter to the Three Wise Men.

At around 8:30 p.m., the parade will end and the Royal Portfolio will take up residence on its throne in the Plaza de Las Tendillas to continue collecting letters from the people of Córdoba.

Royal Portfolio Entourage in Córdoba

Tour of the Royal Portfolio in Córdoba

Starting from Córdoba City Hall and ending in Las Tendillas, the Royal Portfolio delegation will take the following route:

  • Capitulars

  • Fair Street

  • Isasa Round

  • Bridge Gate

  • Santa Teresa de Jornet Street

  • River Lover

  • Torrijos

  • Deanes

  • Count and Luque

  • Angel of Saavedra

  • Jesus and Mary

  • tendons

  • Claudio Marcelo

  • Capitulars

  • Alfonso XIII

  • Tendillas (Royal Portfolio Box)

Sara Carrillo, at the presentation of the Royal Portfolio

Sara Carrillo, the Royal Portfolio

Sara Carrillo is a young 25 years old from Cordoba who has received several distinctions for the effort and perseverance demonstrated throughout his student life in one of the most humble neighborhoods of the city. She has one of the best resumes in Spain in her specialty, according to the Spanish Society of Academic Excellence, thanks to the 12 honors degrees that accompany her degree. Graduated in Primary Education by the University of Córdoba. In addition, she has a Master’s Degree in Inclusive Education (with 9 honors) and is studying a Master’s Degree in Physical Activity and Health.