He Reina Sofia University Hospital has managed to reach in 2023, and for the second consecutive year, the highest number of organ transplants of its history, since this center carried out the first graft in February 1979, almost 45 years ago. According to the data provided this Wednesday by the Ministry of Health, the Reina Sofía professionals carried out last year 278 organ transplants, which surpassed the previous transplant record that the hospital complex achieved in 2022, when 261 grafts were recorded.

In relation to the previous historical record of transplants in Córdoba, that of 2022, the balance of transplants at Reina Sofía in 2023 has been 6.5% higher. This new historical balance of transplants from the Reina Sofía has been possible thanks to the fact that During 2023 there was a record in Córdoba for lung grafts, with 80 transplantsa number of grafts 48% above the previous milestone achieved in 2022, with 54 lung transplants.

Fairly During October 2023, it will be 30 years since the first lung graft was performed at the Reina Sofía. It so happens that the Córdoba hospital complex is the only one in Andalusia that carries out this type of transplants and throughout the past it carried out 16.7% of all implants of this organ in Spain, being the second center with the most lung transplants. , only behind Vall d’Hebron, from Barcelona, ​​which made 102 grafts.

Professionals linked to the lung transplant program at the Reina Sofía hospital, gathered for the 30th anniversary of the first transplant.

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Transplants at the Reina Sofía in 2023.
Transplants at the Reina Sofía in 2023.

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Also last year the Reina Sofía carried out 70 liver grafts, 11 of them were children, 7 more than the 63 in 2022, while there were a decrease in kidney transplants, which were 98compared to the record of 111 kidney transplants recorded in Córdoba 2022. For its part, the Córdoba hospital performed 21 heart transplants2 less than in 2022, of which 5 benefited children, and 9 pancreas graftsone less than in 2022.

In summary, Last year, the Reina Sofía performed 98 kidney grafts, 70 liver, 21 heart, 80 lung and 9 pancreatic grafts. Of the total interventions carried out, 16 benefited children (11 liver and 5 heart).

Third hospital in Spain with the most donations

The historic number of transplants carried out by the Reina Sofía hospital would not have been possible without the generosity of the donors. The Ministry of Health points out that Last year, 64 donations were registered at the center, which made 278 organ transplants possible. aforementioned.

Of these 64 donations, it is striking that more than half (51.5%) occurred through the asystole modality (33), compared to 31 due to brain death (48.5%). Asystole donation has been consolidated in Córdoba and Spain thanks to the generalization in hospitals of a complex organ preservation procedure based on extracorporeal circulation devices (ECMO).

During 2023, the Reina Sofía has been the third hospital in Spain that has accumulated the most donations for transplants, only behind the Virgen de la Arrixaca hospital, first, and Vall d’Hebron, second, sharing third place with the Belltvige hospital.