Isabel Díaz Ayuso once again positioned herself at the center of controversy for her last intervention in the Madrid Assembly. The president of the Community of Madrid supported Israel again this Thursday, defending that This is not the time to recognize Palestine as a state because doing so now would be like rewarding Hamas for its attacks.

In this full control of the Madrid government, the leader made a similarity with ETA to defend Israel and attack the left: “They intend for democracies to do the same with Hamas as with ETA. You kill, and I will give you an autonomous community . You kill, I will give you a state. “That is the message you are giving.”

Hours later, Alfonso Serrano, general secretary of the PP Madrid, intervened in 'Everything is a lie' to defend Ayuso from these words in light of the controversy that has arisen: “We are in favor of a Palestinian state. The difference is that we are not “We are willing to do it unilaterally and run like Pedro Sánchez and Yolanda Díaz do for an electoral race.”

“What we are saying is that, after the greatest attack against the Israeli people and the Holocaust, the result cannot be to recognize a state that is dominated by a terrorist organization“Serrano continued with his argument.

These words from Serrano raised a question from Risto Mejide that confused the general secretary of the popular Madrid party, which also gave rise to the rest of the collaborators, among whom were José Luis Ábalos and Javier Nart: “What does ETA have to do with all this? I do not understand. Is anyone getting it?“.

“This is the same as chicken broth and substance. We are on the same line. What Mrs. Ayuso said has nothing to do with the fact that if you kill I will reward you,” said Nart before being interrupted by Serrano, referring directly to him later: “Belonging to a party means being intellectually sodomized by the leader“.