He Official Contest of Groups of the Carnival of Cordova has already concluded its first round of performances, after the last preliminary session that was held this Sunday afternoon at the Great theater. At the end of the day, the groups that advance to the semifinals were announced.


  • Last preliminary of the Córdoba Carnival

The classifieds

In section chirigotas Una Chirigota de Pelotas, Los Ribera Fit, Los que van por Libre, Los que siempre Fail, Salon de Belleza el Último Rougete, Los 14 de Europa, Erase and a New Account qualify for the semi-finals. The Mamones, The 14,000, From Cordobés to Cordobés and The Sigilosos.

As troupes, will be in the next phase El Messengero, Tuesday of Carnival, La Velada, Gente sin Nombre, La Banda Calavera, El Golpe, Quitapenas, Yo que soy tan Guapa y Artista, La Nocturna, Los Despojados and La Última Canción. They also pass quartets This year we are going to the Insurance and A Gift Quartet, as well as the Carnival Choir.

Have been five intense days of music, lyrics, songs, fun and good atmosphere at the Gran Teatro, and the best is yet to come. From January 24 to 28, the preliminary sessions were held with the participation of a total of 48 groups in all the traditional modalities of the Carnival: chirigotas quartets, quartets, children’s chirigotas and this year even a choir, which participated in the first of the preliminaries.

Public response

The public has responded well, with the Grand Theater hall normally at three quarters of its capacity, although as the night progressed the seats became clearer of attendance. A constant has been the participation of the attendees and the complicity with groups, not only with applause but also with compliments, clapping to the beat, improvised conversations and ripios that Carnival fans love so much. And don’t miss them, because you don’t go to the Grand Theater Competition to see or hear Wagner. It’s something else.

Next to the Grand Theater a tent has been installed that has served as a meeting point and venue. for Carnival fans, also with a lot of animation during the days in which the first performances took place. The members of the groups rest there before and after their intervention in the Grand Theater, and curious onlookers and passers-by can see the types of the groups.

Variety of topics

As for the songs that have been sung, there has been variety, as usual. But they have highlighted the Compliments and songs dedicated to Córdobaits monuments and landscapes, with some references also to figures such as Antonio Gala, died last year. The mistreatment of women has been another highly discussed topic. With a more jocular nature, lyrics have been heard about the weather, family members, work relationships or even the groups themselves that participate in the Carnival…

Of the 48 participating groups, 25 advance to the semifinals, which will perform in three sessions of eight interventions each. They will intervene in the same order as in preliminaries. The final is something else and in that the order of performance of each of the groups will be determined by draw.