Next Friday, December 22, millions of Spaniards will be watching the media to see who the winning tenths were in the Christmas Lottery 2023. The drums will start spinning at 9:00 in the morning in the Royal Theater of Madridwhere up to 600 people will gather to experience the event live rain of prizes that will water our territory.

But first, the participants will have to get their tickets. Many choose to choose a special date in their lives, such as, for example, the day they came of age, the date of birth of a loved one, or the anniversary of a significant event. We can also find the most faithful, who always play the same number, hoping that one year luck will smile on them.

Others, however, opt for some important public event that has happened in 2023. In this group we can find numbers like 12623, which represents the date on which Silvio Berlusconi died; he 23723the day on which the general elections were held or the 31023the oath of the Constitution of Princess Leonor.

The ‘nice’ tenths

Guided by intuition or rather by superstition, many citizens choose certain numbers that are, in some way, related to good luck. This is the case of endings with odd numbers, which are the most searched, while the most popular figures in Spain are 15, baptized as “the pretty girl”, the “ducklings” (22) or 33, which this year takes on even greater prominence due to its connection to Fernando Alonso. On the opposite side are the tickets ending in 0 and in 8which are the least desired in order to win ‘el Gordo’.

There are many who believe in statistics and acquire the numbers that have turned out favorably on most occasions. According to data, ‘El Gordo’ likes the number 5. At least that is what emerges after reviewing the prize history of the draw: since it was first held in 1812, the first prize has gone to tenths ended in 5 on a total of 32 occasions. That is why it has become the most sought-after completion by participants. Other numbers that ‘El Gordo’ does not dislike are 6 and the 4who were awarded 27 and 26 times respectively, according to data provided by the State Lottery and Betting Society (Selae).

The bad guys from the moviethat is, the least repeated, are number 1 (eight occasions), followed by 2 (13 occasions) and 9 (a total of 17 occasions, the last in 2017).

In his more than 200 years of history, the first prize has chosen a number between zero and 10,000 on 64 occasions; on 74 occasions to a digit between 10,001 and 30,000; and on another 72 occasions to another number contained between 30,001 and 99,999.

The following three final figures have been repeated three times: 297 (20297 twice and 40297), 457 (2457, 4457 and 9457) and 515 (12515, 13515 and 21515); and in two the 094, 098, 400, 452, 640, 704, 758 and 892.

repeated numbers

The endings with two equal numbers They have had a certain role in the Christmas raffles. The tenths ending in 66 have been awarded the first prize on 5 occasions, the 00 and 44 have been awarded a total of 4 times each ending, and in 88 the prize has gone to three times.

The first prize in the Christmas Lottery has also sometimes given him the opportunity to do his thing and has rewarded repeated numbers, although the probability is very slim. Thus, 15640 was awarded twice (in 1956 and 1978); the same as 20297, which turned out to be the winning number in 1903 and 2006. And on up to four occasions, ‘el Gordo’ has fallen on numbers that had the last three digits the same: 25444, 25888, 35999 and 55666. The correlative numbers 13093 and 13094, and 53452 and 53453 have also been awarded.

However, despite all these assumptions and statistical data, it is worth remembering that the probability of winning is the same with any of the tickets sold by State Lotteries and Betting. Any tenth has a 0.00001% chance of winning the 400,000 euros. But don’t be discouraged, there are always more options with lower prizes or with stones.

Christmas Lottery 2023

On December 22 you will be able to check if your tenth ticket has been awarded and all the results of the 2023 Christmas Lottery.

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