The judge of the National Court Francisco de Jorgewhich is investigating the Soule case in which the former president of the Spanish Football Federation Ángel María Villar is accused, has asked the Central Operational Unit (UCO) of the Civil Guard to inform it if documentation was requested during the searches. on the alleged diversion of more than four million euros from the Royal Spanish Football Federation (RFEF) which were destined to the Social Welfare Mutuality of Spanish Footballers (Mupresfe) and the Catalan Football Federation (FCF).

In an order dated October 27, to which El Periódico de España, from Grupo Prensa Ibérica, has had access, the magistrate demands numerous documentation from the UCO at the request of the Anti-Corruption Prosecutor’s Office, which a day before had asked him to request all this evidence from the Judicial Police.

Specifically, both the Prosecutor’s Office and the magistrate intend to have access of “all available documentation” in relation to a grant of 385,248 euros granted by the RFEF to the Catalan company “for the purchase of a premises in Cornellá”. Data such as, for example, “the receipt” that they should have sent. The judge is also keeping track of another 153,181 euros sent in 2012 by the Federation.

Various grants

The magistrate also specifies to the UCO that it must look for other documents on various subsidies. One of 100,000 euros granted in August 2013 by the RFEF to the Social Security Mutuality of Spanish Footballers (Mupresfe) to carry out works on a property on Ronda Sant Pere Street, in Barcelona; and two others, for around 432,000 euros, which were transferred to a building located on Calle Sicilia. Another payment under suspicion, this one of 269,725 euros, was assigned to a headquarters in Tarragona.

Finally, the judge demands from the UCO documentation of three loans approved to the Catalan Federation, after being endorsed by the RFEF, for amounts of 1,296,000 euros, 1,200,000 euros and 1,000,000 euros, respectively. The first of them, for the purchase of the headquarters on Calle Sicilia, in Barcelona.

They deny it

However, the RFEF has always defended that “paid what was agreed as help for the construction of the headquartersand it was justified by the corresponding invoices.”

For its part, the Catalan Federation has also denied any irregularityat the same time that it has justified the transfer of games from the Footballers’ Mutuality (Mupresfe) to its coffers, as Vozpópuli announced.

The deceased former director of FC Barcelona Josep Contreras Arjona, linked to the Negreira Case as an alleged commission agent, was the owner of the companies Tastavins SL, Radamanto SL and Trejan 2015 SL, which were awarded some of the works paid for with the suspected subsidies.

Top price

Specific, “the contracting price” of these companies was investigated to determine “if it could be much higher than the market, something that would have increased Mr. Contreras’s profit to the detriment of the federation’s assets,” indicates an order dated February 2, 2022, advanced by this editorial team.

This resolution then points to the existence of indications of an alleged agreement between Contreras Arjona and the then president of the Catalan federation, Andreu Subies i Forcada, for the delivery of “a consideration to the latter” for the works received from the Federation and the Mutual Fund.