Telecinco last night said goodbye to the seventh edition of 'Temptation Island' with the broadcast of its final debate. To the surprise – and concern – of the participants who were in the study, the 'light of temptation' was illuminated for the last time due to a “bombshell”, as highlighted Sandra Barneda before taking the seven boys to the center of the set: “I want to see their faces.”

The program then published some messages that indicated that Álex had been with a girl and was already in a relationship with Gabriela. “She is a girl who asked me for a photo and it ended up being a video,” the young man began explaining with his girlfriend next to him, who at first also downplayed the matter: “She's a geek who wanted a minute of fame on TV.”

After the broadcast of more conversations that showed that Álex had had something more with the girl in the video, Gabriela began to realize her boyfriend's lies and ended up leaving the set during a commercial break. Cornered by all the evidence that was coming to light, he ended up acknowledging his infidelity: “Yes, I screwed up.”

Seeing that Gabriela was completely destroyed, Sandra Barneda went in search of her to give her a hug and try to console her. “I don't want to go in. I asked for a lot of trust and I trusted everything. I didn't care about everyone, I believed him,” she explained through tears while the presenter tried to mediate between the two: “He just recognized that he made a mistake, he is devastated. He could have not recognized it and continued in his thirteenth.”

Finally, Gabriela ended up returning to the set to listen to Álex's explanations: “I have failed you, I have no excuse. I am extremely sorry for that shit. It is no excuse either, but we had been there for two or three weeks. I should have told you.” “I told him that I was never going to overlook an infidelity”the former contestant recalled through tears.