The Information Media Association (AMI) shares the origin of the lawsuit filed on December 27 by The New York Times against Microsoft and Open AI, for the improper use of journalistic works owned by The New York Times to train its language models. Artificial intelligence and create products that compete directly with the newspaper itself, thereby threatening the sustainability of the newspaper and its ability to continue providing quality information, current affairs analysis and opinion.

AMI fully supports the action brought by The New York Times, supported by the recognition granted by the United States Constitution and its law of intellectual property to newspapers, which recognize the importance of granting content creators exclusive rights to their works, as fundamental tools for guarantee to media editors the assurance of the right to exploit the fruit of their work, risk and investment.

The Information Media Association shares with The New York Times that promoters of artificial intelligence systems must respect the media rights prior to the use of any content editorial ownership of the media to train their artificial intelligence models and respond to questions asked by users by reproducing the information from the media, without it being admissible for artificial intelligence models to appropriate the use of content that they never created.

As formulated by the general assembly of AMI in its declaration of principles on Artificial Intelligence last June 2023, any use of the work created by an information medium either for the training of an artificial intelligence model or for the generation of responses to queries posed by users must be subject to respect for the rights of information editors, together with the payment of remuneration that recognizes the investment effort made by the media for the creation of the original work.

The Information Media Association has always expressed its desire to develop collaboration schemes with the great digital giants, based on mutual respect and in the necessary recognition of the value that the news created by journalists and the media brings to these companies.

This respect should ensure that the media receive fair remuneration for the use made by technological giants of their worksso as to guarantee the sustainability of a healthy information ecosystem that allows the development of Artificial Intelligence in a responsible manner, for the benefit of society and the assurance of citizens’ right to information.

The general director of AMI, Irene Lanzaco, points out that “the innovation that technology brings to society cannot be based on predatory behavior.” “that deny the rights of the media, when these are fundamental to the creation of this innovation.” In this sense, the general director of AMI denounces that companies with multimillion-dollar profits that systematically benefit from editorial content cannot ignore the obligatory respect for the rights of the media and must assume their obligation to contribute to their supportgiven the extremely important value that news brings to the business activity of digital giants.