Alejandra Rubio is currently on holiday in El Rompido, a coastal town in Huelva, with her partner Carlo Costanzia. And although she is not working on television, I would also be working, as I would be collaborating with a well-known hotel brand. to promote themselves on the girl’s social networks.

But beyond this work, Alejandra has been earning large amounts of money in recent weeks, not only for her exclusive in HOLA magazine in which she announced her pregnancy, but also for her collaboration on Telecinco. From the first, sThere was talk of amounts between 80,000 euros and 200,000, if other interviews were included in a package.But with the second, we are talking about large amounts that would be received daily.

As revealed by Kiko Matamoros in ‘Not even if we were Shhh…’, Alejandra Rubio could be earning up to €200 a day for his contributions to the show ‘Así es la vida’. Considering that he goes there an average of three times a week, we are talking about €600 a week and about €2,400 a month. Although this income will end soon.

This is due to the early cancellation of the Sandra Barneda and César Muñoz format, which will end its time at Mediaset next Friday, July 26, to make room for ‘El diario de Jorge’, a new Telecinco format in which presenter Jorge Javier Vázquez will welcome anonymous people to his studio to tell their adventures and misadventures about their lives.