He Secretary of State for the Environment, Hugo Moránsent this morning, December 27, the call for the first meeting of the water forum of The Pedroches and of Guadiatoon January 11 at eleven o’clock at the Center for Business Initiatives (CIE) with the objective of put an end to the serious problem suffered by the northern area of Cordova, after more than nine months without drinking water. This has been indicated by the United for Water Platform it’s a statement.

It indicates that Hugo Morán promised the four members of the United for Water platform, on hunger strike in the Plenary Hall of the Villanueva de Córdoba city council, that would organize a meeting with administrations and socioeconomic agentsat the beginning of January if they put an end to this form of demand.

The statement details that “the ‘four brave men’‘, as they were named by the population, Paco Casero, president of the Savia Foundation, Miguel Aparicio, president of Unidos por el Agua and the members of the platform, María Eugenia Molero and Pedro Vera abandoned the hunger strikeafter seven days, when they had confirmation that said meeting was going to be held.

This event will be attended by all socioeconomic agents of the two regions, as well as mayors and platform that have already announced their participation, which represents a very important step not only in solving the serious water problem, but also having a global vision of all the obstacles they have to deal with. daily the two regions.

For United for Water, this means a great opportunity that must be taken advantage of to consolidate the effort and commitment for the sake of a future of perspectives and enthusiasm, since from the beginning of the citizen platform, it has been committed to dialogue and union as the only way to ensure that the northern area of ​​Córdoba prospers.