After finishing the first session of the trial for the murder of Jordi, the eleven-year-old boy stabbed up to 24 times by his own father in April 2022 in Sueca, the parricide’s defense lawyer has addressed the media at his leaving the courts and has blamed the Government for a lack of investment in mental health, in relation to the strategy that he will maintain during the trial, that his client suffers from a mental disorder, although the forensic experts at the Institute of Legal Medicine of Valencia rule it out. .

The lawyer Félix Beltrán wanted to send a message to the President Pedro Sánchez and the Minister of Health, Mónica Garcíaso that invest more in mental health. “It is necessary, then it is all problems, what could have happened or could have been avoided,” he stated before the cameras of the graphic media.

Secondly, he insisted that “things are not as they seem, there are a whole series of circumstances.” “Throughout this entire process it will be demonstrated that there are a series of circumstances that have influenced the events, and above all, remember one thing: “Mental health is the great forgotten one”the defense lawyer has highlighted again.