The plenary session of the Citizen Movement Council (CMC) proposes to the government team that expand the workforce of the municipal company cleaning, Sadecowith at least 175 people to be able to respond to the growth that the city has experienced of between 20 and 25% in recent years and address the new projects that the Córdoba City Council has around the circular economy. It should be remembered that it is an electoral promise of the mayor, José María Bellido, to incorporate 176 cleaning workers into Sadeco after holding a single employment call. Sources from the municipal company have justified the delay in publishing this call due to the search for an external company to organize such a massive opposition.

The CMC agreed this afternoon in its plenary session to propose that this incorporation of personnel occur gradually and that it be assessed in a five-year business plana document that would give stability to the workforce and temporalize the contributions and efforts that the City Council and that citizens should make.

Despite showing his understanding of the increase that the landfill tax application, They express their rejection of the increase in the garbage rate by 35% in the collection and treatment rates and 20% in the rest of the rates.

For this reason, they propose that the company include in this viability plan the improvement of its services in parallel with the increase in rates and that the Social Services aid aimed at families with limited resources take this increase into account. Finally, the Council of the Citizen Movement asks the City Council to heads to the Junta of Andalusiawhich will receive the benefit of the landfill tax, so that commit to returning this effort made by the city in the form of investments or subsidies for the implementation of the circular economy or the reduction of emissions into the atmosphere.

Hull management plan

In another order of things, regarding the hull management plan required by UNESCO, the Citizen Movement will wait to write its opinion until the participatory work carried out by the delegated commission is carried out. However, they regret that the documents that have been known to date do not include how to manage or implement the proposals on the hull and that it is necessary to create a structure with management autonomy and budgetary and regulatory capacity. “What is required is a timing, prioritization and assignment of the administrations and body(s) responsible for them.”

View of the historic center of Córdoba from the tower of the Mosque-Cathedral.

You also understand that the modification of the Hull Special Plan must be parallel to the preparation of this Management Plan, or, at least, the work of the Management Plan must be the basis for the modification of the Special Plan or its work will be fruitless.