The Official Gazette of the Province (BOP) has made public today the rectification of the declarations of assets and interests of two of the 29 councilors that make up the Plenary Session of Córdoba. Specifically, the Córdoba City Council has sent the BOP the corrected statements of the PP councilors Jesus Coca and Bernardo Jordano, since the first publication included errors that the councilors themselves had noticed. In fact, the Contracting delegate and former director of Córdoba CF already warned at the time that had not been reproduced faithfully what he had declared – in fact, he appeared without real estate assets, or vehicles and with an income that was barely around 18,000 euros in 2022 -. In the case of Bernardo Jordano there were also Some errors and in this second declaration he includes other elements of his real estate assets.

The declarations are made according to a model approved in the Plenary Session of the Córdoba City Council, which includes the real estate assetshe balance of your accounts, vehiclesthe mortgageslife insurance, shares or pension plans.

Jesus Coca

Jesús Coca declares that he has a home in Córdoba, a single-family home in Puerto de Santa María, several rural properties dedicated to the cultivation of olive groves in Córdoba and Cañete de las Torres, a house in Bujalance and two car parks in Córdoba and Fuengirola. Coca has the majority of these assets in bare ownership (it is the owner but cannot use them) and 50%, except for one of the properties that it owns 100%. He also declares that he has a BMW 2 series vehicle.

About three of these properties have subscribed several mortgages on an apartment in Córdobathe single-family home and the vehicle of 274,202.07 euros (50%), 188,708.68 euros (50%) and 9,114.88 euros respectively. Likewise, Coca declares to have a bank account with a balance of 15,000 euros and Iberdrola shares. In the result of your last settlement presented to the Tax Agency declares personal income tax of 51,038.24 euros.

Due to possible incompatibilities with his position as councilor, Jesús Coca In May 2023, he resigned from the commercial and industrial activities he carried out in the Chamber of president of Asphaco, as well as being a member of the Social Council of Córdoba. He combines his position as councilor with the presidency of the Square of Bulls and with the secretariat of the Miaoquehago Foundation – linked to another councilor, Bernardo Jordano, who was its vice president until 2022 -, although he has left his positions on the board of directors of CECO, the secretariat of Hostecor and the advisory council of Córdoba CF

Bernardo Jordano

Regarding the new statement by Bernardo Jordano, Councilor for Mobility, note that it includes the real estate assets that by mistake were not registered in the first one. The PP councilor who repeats a new mandate in the local government also has a flat owned and two parking spaces since 2009 (at 50%), a significant number of commercial premises, apartments and industrial plots coming from a inheritance (still lying and in bare ownership), of which he is a 16.66% beneficiary and whose cadastral value exceeds 1.9 million euros.

On the other hand, Jordano declares that he has subscribed to a mortgage for your home of 204,000 euros; a personal loan for the purchase of a vehicle of 10,000 euros, a personal loan of 60,000 euros and up to eight mortgages on assets of the existing inheritances and one more as joint guarantor for his mother (same debt as the previous one) of almost 305,000 euros. The rest of his statement is identical to the one released a few weeks ago.