The Supreme Court has confirmed the sentence of 21 years in prison imposed on a frac collector that he dedicated himself to robbing the farmhouses and chalets that a couple he was monitoring indicated to him to claim a debt. The high court endorses the arguments of the lower court ruling and declares that his participation in The planning of the assaults was far superior to that of a mere taxi driver between L’Hospitalet de Llobregat and the Bescanó area. that the defaulters he was chasing told him to commit robberies.

In this way, the Second Chamber endorses the ruling of the Court of Girona that condemned him for a crime of robbery with violence in an inhabited house with the use of a weapons in medial contest with crime of illegal detention, two more illegal detentions, home invasion with violencetwo minor crimes of injury, one of damages and another of integration into a criminal group. The court acquitted him of other crimes of robbery with violence in an inhabited house with the use of weapons and seven more crimes of illegal detention of which he was also accused.

In this sense, the ruling declares proven that “Before the summer of 2017, the accused, who worked for the company ‘El Cobrador del Frac’, had several conversations with a married couple. with the purpose of paying some debt they had, the amount and creditors of which are now unimportant.” During the conversations both “provided him with information about addresses where he could get money through robberiesinformation referring to homes in the Bescanó area”, where they lived. The information dealt with “several properties characterized by a certain geographical isolation and by presuming that their residents would have money and other assets in view of the business activity to which they were involved. they dedicated”.

They sent him a WhatsApp with nine addresses that were later attacked. The court declares that he looked for a group of people to commit the robberies, during which they held those who were found in the house threatening them with weapons; One in particular was threatened with cutting off his finger if he didn’t tell them where the money or the safe was, and they even gave him a slight cut.

The Frac collector appealed to the Supreme Court, alleging that there was no proof that he participated in the assaults. He maintains that he was only a taxi driver, so he should not have been convicted as a necessary cooperator for providing the data needed to carry out the robberies.

His explanations do not convince the Supreme Court, which shares “what was argued by the trial court” and declares that “he was not limited to carrying out a transport”, but that “his participation was direct”, because when his mobile phone antenna appeared at the scene of the events and he had “precise knowledge of the entire plan that was taking place, as can be seen from his conversations with the couple” who gave him the information. “The appellant is the one who receives the information and transmits it directly to those who are going to perpetrate the assaults, also serving as an intermediary,” he declares. the high court.