'First dates' reaches the halfway point of the week with new meetings between which a relationship may emerge. The program presented by Carlos Sobera received a visit from Yasmín, a young woman, who, despite her young age (18 years), already He has been able to live in his own skin what is an infidelity.

The single woman went to the dating show in search of a stable relationship. For this purpose, the Cuatro space made an appointment with Alejandro, a 22-year-old young man who did not seem to be what Yasmín was looking for based on how the evening unfolded.

“I follow a lot of girls. 2,000 or so. I've also had the account for many years, so I talk and flirt with a lot,” he began by saying in his presentation. The bachelor's first look at his date couldn't have been better: “She has very pretty eyes and tits. She's hot.”

For her part, Yasmín was very critical of the young man: “The boy is not ugly, but it is not my style. He looks more like a dog and I don't like that very much.” Already at the table, Alejandro confessed to having his own music studio where he composes his own songs.

Yasmín could not be clearer off camera: “I am very critical, I cannot be with a person who makes music and I don't like their music.” After this, the topic of sexual relations came to light. “Of the two relationships I've had, I left one because it left me dry. I lost weight. We did it 10 times every day and I couldn't take it anymore. I was going to get anemia and everything. “He left me dry,” she said, leaving the 18-year-old girl perplexed.

Despite this confession, Alejandro wanted to show that he wants something serious with his date by downplaying sex. However, his commitment was of little use to her; Yasmín declined to have a second date with Alejandro due to the multiple differences in areas such as music, among other things.