Burger lovers are in luck. Behind the public success harvested in its June 2023 edition, ‘The Champions Burger’ returns to Córdoba to present the best recipes for this delicacy and, at the same time, submit the election of the best burger in Spain.

On this occasion, the event advances its landing in Córdoba and will install its food trucks in the capital in the month of March with the participation of establishments from all over the country, including hamburger restaurants from Cordoba Raza y Dehesa, Kalmachiccha, El Perri Food, Nolito’s Burger (Genil Bridge) and Godeo (Pozoblanco). These are the details of the event revealed so far.

What is ‘The Champions Burger’?

The Champions Burger is a gastronomic event that aims to choose the best burger in Spain. To do this, it is carrying out a route through different cities in the country, such as Murcia, Córdoba, Zaragoza and so on. 16 Spanish cities. In each of them they participate different burger jointswhich present their proposals, which are voted by the attendees themselves to the event. In autumn the Best Burger in Spain 2024 will be announced.

The Champions Burger lands in Córdoba

Dates of ‘The Champions Burger’ in Córdoba

The great event of the ‘burger lovers’ arrives in the capital of Córdoba from March 7 to 17installed on Avenida de la Libertad, next to the train station.

‘The Champions Burger’ schedule

Opening hours to the public will be Monday to Thursday from 18:00 to 00:00 and Friday, Saturday and Sunday, from 12:00 to 00:00. On Thursday, March 7, the opening at 7:00 p.m..

Public success in the last edition of 'The Champions Burger'

What burger restaurants participate in Córdoba?

At the moment the participation of 16 burger restaurants, five of them from Córdoba, at the Córdoba meeting. All of them They will have their food trucks own. In addition, there will be another to buy chips to accompany your meal and another focused on desserts. The ‘The Champions Burger’ burger restaurants in Córdoba are:

  1. Soul Coffee Beer

  2. Gottan

  3. Circus

  4. umbrella

  5. The Nutty Tarantin

  6. Torriko

  7. Vacarnal

  8. Nola Smoke

  9. Race and Dehesa

  10. The Dog

  11. Nolito’s Burger

  12. Kalmachicha

  13. Godeo

  14. The wall

  15. Jenkin’s

  16. Cheek

Five hamburger restaurants from Córdoba participate in the event.

How to vote for the best burger?

To choose the best burger in Spain you have to scan a QR code which is provided on the premises and on the ‘The Champions Burger’ website. Subsequently, the user will evaluate based on five aspects: bread, presentation, originality, meat and, of course, the combination of flavors.

‘Hall of burger’

Córdoba will have a space called ‘Hall of Burger’, where the restaurants La Muralla and Jenkin’s, which won the title of ‘Best burger in Spain’ and ‘Best burger in Europe’ in 2023, respectively, and Moflete, a restaurant recognized youtuber Joe Burger, will offer their original proposals. But they cannot be voted on, “they will be pardoned,” and they will go directly to participate in the European final.