The CGT confirmed national strike with mobilization for January 24 against Milei's DNU

The CGT confirmed national strike with mobilization for January 24 against Milei’s DNU

The Confederal Central Committee (CCC) of the CGT meeting and a national strike was confirmed with mobilization for January 24 in repudiation of the Decree of Necessity and Urgency (DNU) that comes into effect this Friday. On January 10 there will be a plenary session of regional delegations.

The meeting is held to analyze the implementation of a gradual plan for union struggle, in rejection of the economic deregulation Decree sent by the Government to Congress.

The decision to carry out the strike was in doubt after the statements of Pablo Moyano, leader of Camioneros, who warned before the meeting that “it would not be convenient in January and February” because the workers were on vacation.

The meeting of the confederated labor organizations began at 12:00 p.m. at the Azopardo union headquarters, 800 meters from the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires (Caba).

The mobilization on January 24 would be to Congress Square at 12:00 noon. hours like Wednesday’s march took place, which showed the rejection of the labor union to Javier Milei’s decree.

The union spokespersons told Télam yesterday that “the idea of ​​the majority of leaders and organizations is to approve the implementation of a gradual fight plan,” and they would rule out for the moment the call for a national general strike.

“The idea would be for the Confederal to approve the application of a gradual and articulate fight plan in parallel with all political blocs with parliamentary representation a strategy to overturn the DNU”they said.

In this sense, the workers’ confederation already held meetings with the national deputies of Peronism the previous week and with the block of senators, although the union spokesmen announced that “the CGT will also operate with other political blocks.”

The Confederal, which will be held in the historic Felipe Vallese Hall, is the highest executive body of the CGT and the most important political meeting of the labor union, and the confederated and affiliated organizations participate with contributions and contributions up to date.

According to the Statute of the workers’ union, the CCC must be convened every six months, but in recent years it had to be postponed due to the serious coronavirus pandemic.

The last meeting was held on October 22, 2021 to convene the National Congress that elected on November 11 of that year in Parque Norte and for a period of four years under the leadership of Héctor Daer, Carlos Acuña and Pablo Moyano.

The Confederal Cegetista, among other functions, determines the regulations of the internal bodies, including the board of directors; sets the political line; appoints the Arbitration Commission that analyzes and seeks to resolve conflicts intra-union relations between unions and framework and approves the agendas of the ordinary Congresses.

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